Best Non Slip Bath Mat – Top 4 Mats Reviewed

In any home, the bathroom plays a vital part in offering a convenient space for preparing for the day. Usually, a bathroom requires many accessories to make it a comfortable and safe space, among which a bath mat plays a vital role.

Usually, these mats are placed in the shower or inside the bathtub in a bathroom to prevent slips. The best non slip bath mat is the one that offers the necessary safety to prevent the occupant from a slip. With the advent of the internet, buying a bath mat, whether it is for your shower or bathtub in your bathroom has become easy.

With a vast collection of mats available online, you can choose your preferred one to best suit your needs and budget. However, for your convenience, here is a comprehensive and unbiased review of four top anti-slip bath mats for your bathroom.

Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Bath Mat Review

This Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat from GORILLA GRIP is a durable product, it is renowned for its commanding grip, and suction features. The mat has been designed with 324 suction cups that can be found beneath, which make the mat strong and reliable to avoid accidents.

It is an immense anti-slip mat for smoother surfaces, common in bathtubs. It also drains water well through the holes in the surface.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Powerful grip, even on smoother surfaces.
  • Quick and easy water draining capability.


  • Not suitable for tiled and textured surfaces.

If your bathroom has a smoother surface, and if you would like to have a powerful grip, then, this anti-slip mat from GORILLA GRIP is an ideal bathroom accessory for you.

Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Anti-Slip-Resistant Bath Mat Review

This mat from Simple Deluxe comes with product dimensions of 38 inches in length and 16 inches in breadth, it covers a vast area in your bathroom, which is 30% more than that of the surface area covered by other bath mats.

Besides offering the required grip, it is also designed with anti-bacterial features, as it is made of high-quality allergen and BPA free material, such as vinyl.


  • Wide coverage.
  • Allergen and BPA free.


  • Higher Price.

If you are not a budget conscious homeowner and want to cover a vast area in your bathroom, then this anti-bacterial non-slip mat from Simple Deluxe is the best bet.

Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat Review

This non-slip bath mat from Epica has been designed to offer outstanding resistance to wear and tear.

This feature makes this non-slip bath mat perfect for heavy traffic bathrooms in hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, gyms, including homes with small kids, elders or anyone who needs the maximum standards of quality and safety.

As the mat is made out of the strong, injection cast natural rubber, it is latex-free. This is really an immense beneficial feature for those who are allergic to latex.


  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear.
  • Suitable for bathrooms with heavy traffic.
  • Offers a safe and powerful grip.
  • Latex free.


  • Pricy for bathrooms with less traffic.

If you are a business owner or running some public utility facilities, then you can opt for this non-slip, latex-free rubber mat, as it has immense resistance to wear and tear, meaning you have no need to buy the mat for your bathroom frequently.

NTTR Non Slip Anti-Bacterial Extra Long Bathtub Mat

This best non slip bath mat has been designed with more than 100 suction cups, and it can offer a comforting feel and an efficient slip resistance in the shower or bathtub.

It is considered an eco-friendly bathroom accessory, as it is made from a premium PVC material that has undergone a strict EN71 non-poisonous test.

As the name suggests, the product stays healthy and clean, as it is designed with antibacterial, mildew and mold resistant features. The extra length of 39 inches and the breadth of 16 inches make this mat perfect for more coverage in your bathtub.


  • Quality material.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Unique design.
  • Ideal for heavy traffic.


  • Not suitable for small homes.

Buying GuideChoosing the best anti slip bath mat for your bathroom

Usually, bathtubs in a bathroom of any home will have a slicker, greasier surface. Therefore, it is vital to add a non-slip coating to the bathtub, such as with a non-slip bath mat for safety reasons. With different kinds of these mats out there, it is really a difficult task for you to choose one according to your needs and the size of your bathtub. Here are some factors to consider.

Size of the mat

Before buying your anti-slip bath mat, decide the size of the mat you need. This is because some may want to cover more area in their bathroom and some may like a less coverage area. Look for a mat that fits your coverage needs.


Buying an anti-skid mat that is made of eco-friendly and antibacterial material will be the wise and safe option for you. This is because some people in your home may be allergic to certain materials, so decide the material of the mat that offers healthy benefits to your family members.

Consider the traffic

This is one of the major factors to consider while buying the best anti slip bath mat for you. If you have less traffic in your bathroom, you can opt for a normal mat that offers you a powerful grip. If you are running facilities that involve heavy traffic, you can consider the ones that have great resistance to wear and tear.


This is also the major factor to be considered. Before buying your proposed anti-skid mat for your bathroom, decide your budget. If you have a tight budget, opt for inexpensive ones without compromising their quality and powerful grip feature.

Bottom line

Slippery surfaces can be quite volatile and hazardous, especially if you are not wary. Using non-skid bath mats offer that additional layer of safety. This is particularly vital when you are in a hurry or when your children are splashing away in the tub. The best anti slip bath mat will also offer immense support for older people while they are in the bathroom.

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