Best Baby Towels – Top 4 Towels Reviewed

When it comes to having a new born baby, you will need a couple of baby towels handy for your little one. Bathing a new born can be difficult and you want to make sure you are using a towel that is not going to harm their skin and is also sensitive.

Babies skin is so delicate and needs to properly be taken care of. Towels are also important for making sure they are staying warm; you don’t want a flimsy thin piece of fabric. You can use towels as blankets too since baby towels run smaller and will fit your baby better.

We will review some products off of Amazon below for you.

Natural Ultra-Soft Bamboo Washcloths 6 Pack Review

Since you want to be gentle on the baby’s skin, these are perfect to not worry about rubbing their skin too much and causing irritation. They’re all natural as they’re made from bamboo and they don’t have any harmful dyes.

A lot of companies dye their cloths to make them different colors. These ones are just your normal plain white – you know exactly what you are putting on your loved one’s skin.

These washcloths are softer than most you will come across and you will certainly want to start using them.

Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel Review

First off these are so cute! How fun is it to have a towel to use to make your little one get excited about taking a bath? Some parents will fight and fight to get their child into a bath and having this towel takes care of that!

This towel is perfect for bigger or older babies as they run larger. It even has a hood to keep their little head warm and dry their hair easier.

Even though it is super cute, the material can be a little scratchy which could annoy your baby and irritate their skin a little bit.

Super Soft Muslin Cotton Baby Bath Towels Review

This product is so soft. You won’t find any towels that could get softer than this, they’re so fluffy and full. You will wish these came in adult sizes for yourself. These are especially nice because they’re made out of antibacterial cotton and are totally safe to have.

They’re easy to clean too, you can just throw them in the washing machine and will still have that high quality feel. Since they are so soft, you can treat them as a blanket too, if you want to throw it in your stroller or want to snuggle up your baby when it comes time to put them down for a nap or bed.

Luvable Friends Animal Face Hooded Woven Terry Baby Towel Review

This product is also meant to look cute. It is however made out of 100% terry cotton, so it will be nice and fuzzy at first, but after a couple machine washes, it might be more rough on the skin of a baby.

They run a little larger so it will keep your baby nice and warm after they get out of their warm baths. These towels also have a cute little hood with the animals face to keep their head warm.

If you’re trying to have a cute towel on hand for some occasions, this little towel is perfect for that and will make your baby look 10 times cuter than he/she already is!

Baby Towel Buying GuideFinding the best baby towel for you!

Having a baby, your world is filled with responsibilities now. You want to be giving your baby the best things for them and watching out for harmful chemicals that products use. When looking for towels, look to see what kind of dyes they contain.

A huge thing to look at the material they use – like previously stated, you want a fabric that is not going to irritate the skin! Babies skin is so delicate at this stage and I cannot state that enough. You do not want a fabric that is going to send you to the doctor’s office for a visit because the skin is all red and blotchy.

Having one that is machine washable isn’t as important as these other two features. If you have to hand wash the towels, I would take that con over the other features.

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