Best Hair Cutting Shears – Top 4 Shears Reviewed

Hair cutting shears, commonly known as barber shears are sharper than ordinary scissors and have been designed specifically for trimming hair. They range in size from the medium 5 to 7 inches (13 to 18 cm). Most hair cutting shears have an appendage that allows for additional control during the cutting exercise.

The appendage is commonly known as a finger brace or a tang and is normally attached to either of the finger rings. If you are looking for the best shear in the market to suit your hair trimming needs; we’ve got you covered. Here are the some of the top hair cutting shears you are lucky to find them in the market.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Review

This is a high quality stainless steel model with hand-sharpened cutting edges, and precise blades for even hair trimming. This Japanese Scissor is perfect for use among barbers, salon workers or the DIY enthusiasts. An easy-to grip handle makes the scissor flexible for thumb and finger inserts; this allows for sizing adjustments to deliver a confident hair cut.

The sleek steel texture reduces the messy hair clutter since there is no hair trapped in between the blades. This hair razor weighs 4.8 ounces with a length of 6.5 inches and an adjustment screw so that you can easily fine-tune the scissor to your desired tension. This set is both versatile and convenient enough for use with adults and even children.

ACELIST Professional Hair Scissors Review

This set includes a hair cutting scissor and a thinning scissor. This set is a top of the line model with a durable stainless steel blade; it looks completely elegant with a precision micro-serrated edges.

The sharp blades make the cutting efficient while the silver tension & adjustment screw allows for easy loosening and tightening of the shears. This product is very lightweight and makes it perfect for all of your hair cutting needs.

ZZZRT Polish J2 Japanese Steel New Professional Razor Edge Review

The ZZZRT Japanese Titanium scissor has been hand-crafted with forged high quality stainless steel for perfect edge retention. With an adjustable tension screw and removable finger rings & red nuts; this set allows for a wide range of operation.

This model measures 5.5 inches with high quality features best suited for professional hair cutting. If you are looking for a well-designed scissor with artsy edges for an amazing hair-cutting experience, this pick is yours. Its versatility allows you to have all the stylish trims done with ease.

Professional Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set

This straight edge scissor comes with a texture & thinning shears and a bonus leather case. The elegant and luxurious hair cutting shear has been constructed from a hand-sharpened stainless steel that can retain its sharp edge five times longer than the ordinary stainless steel.

This maintains a perfect cut without getting dull or locked up. With a sharp, efficient and smooth edge, you can also vary the tension using the adjustment screw and cut the hair comfortably.

Hair Cutting Shears Buying GuideWhat you need to know to find the best shears for your needs

Before you proceed to the market to get your hair-cutting shears, there are some factors you must consider. Here are some of the vital aspects your need to look for when buying scissors.

Type of blade

There are 2 types of barber cutting scissor blades; the convex (Japanese style) and the beveled edge type.

The beveled edge design mostly uses the micro serrated blades since they are lightweight and can stop as the hair slide down the blade. This makes them best for those training in the hair-cutting career. They are also best for cutting dry hair and a number of stylish trims.

The convex blades are best known for their sharp and long life edges with very smooth cutting actions. They are good for slicing due to the ultra sharp edges and are best suited for experienced professionals. These types of blades are made from solid stainless steel and are a bit heavier compared to the beveled edged scissors. They are also a bit more expensive and last a lifetime.

Primary use of the scissors

Most scissors have been designed to handle some specific tasks while others are best suited for general use. Some are best for thinning while others have been designed for texture. If you are new to hairdressing, the thinning scissors is best for you. Convex scissors are best suited for slicing and chipping.

The other factor you should consider is; if the scissor is left or right handed? You should be able to choose the one you are comfortable working with to avoid hand or wrist pain.

The screw system

The screw system of the cutting shear is another aspect you need to make a priority. Most scissors have the normal adjustable screws while other may have the flat head configuration. The adjustable screw system is best choice since you can tighten or loosen it to fit the required tension.

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