Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Top 4 Repellers Reviewed

If you are invaded by little bugs and critters and even mice, then you need the Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller you can find on the earth.

Little bugs and critters can be extremely annoying, they also often are carriers for disease. Dealing with pests can often be a messy and inhumane process. This is where ultrasonic pest repellers come in.

By using an ultrasonic sound wave that humans or even dogs can’t hear, critters are “pushed” out by the sound waves that they can not tolerate. You do not have to worry about putting out sticky, or poisonous traps any longer. You also don’t have to deal with the remains of killed pests.

The sound waves will simply create a barrier around you and keep you pest free.

LINK Innovation Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

Designed by LINK Innovation this four-inch-tall pest repeller plugs into any outlet to begin controlling pests near you. When active the unit will emit low-frequency sound waves that are unbearable to pests. The sound waves are undetectable by humans, even pets will not notice the noise.

This highly rated model will work on all sorts of insects, mice, rats, spiders, mosquitoes and more. Other pest control methods often kill the offender which leaves you to handle the remains. The sound waves simply “push” the intruders away. The coverage area of this model is 800-1200 feet.

The manufacturer does specify however that the repeller will not work through walls.

A lifetime guarantee is included, and LINK Innovations state, that if your infestation isn’t handled within three weeks (the usual time it takes to see results) you will get a full refund.

2-Pack Ultrasonic Pest Control Electronic Plug-In Review

This sleek design by Koocat works in an area of up to 1,100 feet. Similar to the other reviewed models, this repeller works by plugging into any wall outlet. A nice feature though of this model is the soft blue LED light.

This model can serve dual purposes, a pest eliminator, and a night light. 2 units are included with purchase so you can clean out multiple infestation areas or work in one big room. With an ultrasonic method of pest removal you know it will be safe and environmentally friendly.

A risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee is included by Koocat.

GreenGuard Ultrasonic Pest Control (4-Pack) Review

This kit is a great option if you have a large space that needs to be cleared of pests. You get four repellers with this package and they have a nice, clean, sleek look. Designed by GreenGuard each unit can cover up to 1,250 square feet, so up to 5,000 square feet if all four are used in the same space.

Remember the ultrasonic waves can not penetrate walls or other hard objects, so if you have a room, or space that isn’t wide open you can use the four included units to reach into or around corners. Similar to the other models, the GreenGuard is safe for pets and children and is an eco-friendly method of getting rid of a wide range of pests.

A lifetime satisfaction guarantee is included, you just need to give the units three to four weeks to fully work. If you are not happy you get a full refund.

Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Pack Review

Bell + Howell is a manufacturer of a lot of great and durable products, including powerful flashlights, lanterns, and humidifiers. They also specialize in pest, and animal repellers. So you know that you are going to be getting a quality product.

A simple design makes operation easy, simply plug the unit in, and a LED light comes on to indicate that the ultrasonic waves are being emitted.

This model works great on mice, ants, roaches, and spiders.

Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Buying Guide

If you are plan on buying a pest repeller, you want to make sure you are buying the best model for your needs. Below I list the things that you should consider before purchasing the best rated ultrasonic pest repeller.

Money-Back Guarantee
Because you can’t hear the sound being emitted from these units, it is important to feel like you are not being ripped off. Therefore it is important to look and see if a money-back guarantee is offered. Most good models will offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee if your infestation is not fixed.

LED Indicator Light
Again it can be tough to believe that the unit is working if no sound or smell is emitted. So at the very least, an LED light should come on when plugged in so you know that the unit is working.

Coverage Area
Most models have generally around the same coverage, but make sure you know the dimensions of the space you plan to clear, and if your desired model can handle that.

Amount of Units
As you have seen with the above-reviewed models, some repellers come in kits with multiple units which can be great for large spaces. Sometimes you may only need one. Make sure you are buying the right amount of units for your needs.

Now that you have selected your repeller, you may want to browse for other product information. And if you do not find the review you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to write a review just for you on a product that you need.

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