What is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner? – Top 5 Cleaners Reviewed

What is the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool?

There are several things that make a pool very dirty and uninviting— Excessive amount of mud, grime, algae, debris, etc. A robotic pool cleaner can assist in saving time spent in getting the pool back again to its original condition.

While you will have to spend a good amount in order to get a pool cleaner, happy and satisfied owners agree that the investment will certainly be worth it. Some of the key differences between less or more expensive cleaners include better suction, cartridge system that is accessible and easy to clean, and swivel cables that will not get tangled.

Are you in search of the best robotic pool cleaner? If yes, you are in the right place! Pool cleaners are expensive machines so it is important to determine every one of the facts first and compare the many robotic pool cleaners prior to making your decision.

This article is meant to help you make the perfect buying choice. Below is a compiled list of some of the options available today. We’re confident one of the cleaners below will be best for you as well as your pool and budget.

Maytronics 99991079-PC Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic pool cleaner Review

The Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is most recommended for in-ground pools up to 50 ft. in length and can clean your pool surfaces, cove and floor. The Triton vacuum, scrubs, and filters all pool surfaces. 99991079-robotic-pool-cleaner

It also has the ability to automatically perform optimal pool scanning to ensure a pool is totally clean and safe for use within 2 hours 30 minutes. It offers an easy-to-clean, high-quality cartridge including fine debris and spring filters, caddy and swivel cable.

In addition, it possesses the IntelliScan pool scanning technology which cleans the waterline, surfaces, and ground to ensure a dazzling clean pool. A neat feature is the Triton Plus can and will scan the pool and find out its dimensions, shape, and size in order to most successfully and effectively maximize the area of coverage.

The Dolphin Triton Plus can be an advanced robotic cleaner with exceptional features and patented technology at a very cost-effective price. You’ll enjoy using it with baking soda for swimming pools.


Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic Review

With Vortex Vacuum Technology you get an amazing cleaning service without dropping suction, the Polaris 9450 Sport can make any pool ground sparkling clean and can climb over high places/obstacles without getting stuck anywhere. The 9450 Sport cleans all pool surface types and scrubs the ground, wall space, and tile lines with a high-quality scrubbing brush.polaris-f9450-sport-robotic

This powerful pool cleaner comes with an all-purpose filtration canister that has 4 times the capability of other reviewed cleaners. Debris from the canister can be conveniently emptied with just a simple shake.

The user-friendly Polaris 9450 also offers a great lift system for ease and convenience. With just the touch of a button, it surfaces to the preferred location so that you can get a hold of it, then automatically empty water for simple and easy removal from the pool.


Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Review

The Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark is one of the very best labels in the robotic pool cleaner market. You can find 3 variations available including Quick Clean, Plus with Remote, and Standard. The Quick Clean version is well suited for any task and is named for its 90-minute cleaning cycle, which is quicker than the 3 hours for the “Standard” version.

There is also a microprocessor-powered pool cleaning technology that analyzes the shape and area of your pool. Based on the scanning data, a custom pattern is established by the Hayward RC9990CUB for effective cleaning. The “Plus” version comes with a wireless remote that allows you to direct the cleaner into hard to reach areas of your pool.hayward-rc9990cub-tigershark

A debris container is accessible from underneath the machine. It has a sizable container and two microns porosity filtration system elements. You are able to rinse it clean using any regular hose. Numerous robotic pool cleaners on the market promise to provide an efficient cleaning pattern using computerized pool analysis.

The Hayward RC9990CUB is one of the few that meet expectations, proving that it’s not just a far-fetched marketing media hype. The intelligent cleaning pattern in this automatic robot prevents itself from cleaning the same area twice, so it is indeed, in terms of time and money, incredibly efficient.


Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Review

The Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is really lightweight, simple to operate and comes standard with an easy-to-clean cartridge filtration and a spring cleaning filter. The typical cartridge filters can handle picking up even the smallest, fine particles and the spring cleaning filter systems are designed to only grab larger debris.maytronics-dolphin-nautilus

The Dolphin Nautilus is simple to operate with a powerful “plug-n-play” technology. All that is needed is for it to be plugged in, then push the ‘start’ button and it starts working. There is absolutely no need to connect it to your pool or any pre-installation needed.

The Dolphin Nautilus comes self-programmed with the best pool scanning to ensure a reliable route and a clean and healthy pool in just 3 hours at most.


Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Review

Hayward SharkVAC is the most recent addition to the TigerShark category of cleaners. SharkVAC is made with proven TigerShark Tech and the best quality components. A luxurious, low-profile design and top-access filtration system cartridges are some of the great features that provide the new SharkVAC the attention it deserves.hayward-rc9740cub-sharkvac

The SharkVAC contains two very-fine porosity purification/filtration elements in a smooth floor-specific design. Using its unique high-quality access debris and the filtration/purification cartridge method, you won’t have any trouble with handling messy and cumbersome bags.

SharkVAC uses 94 percent less energy than most pressure cleaners. The SharkVAC is a sturdy Robotic pool cleaner that is delicate and appropriate for all sorts of pool areas. Its scrubbing brush will totally remove even the most stubborn dirt.



In recent years, technology has been improving at a very rapid and impressive speed. Each improvement in technology makes our lives so much more fun and easier. The robotic pool cleaners are being made with newer and advanced tech each and every day.

Each company has it’s own kind of innovations. When making a decision on a robotic pool cleaner, it pays to take your time and consider what your pool really needs. Consider it’s measurements, the climate as well as your budget.

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