Water clarifier for pools – What does it do? How does it help?

For every pool owner, there is nothing better than a safe, clean, bright and good-smelling water that soothes and relaxes the skin and body as a whole. However, in reality, at one point in time, every pool owner has had to take care of a cloudy or murky swimming pool, and if you happen to be experiencing the cloudy situation, we know how it feels, so you’re not alone.

We all know that when you have a cloudy pool, clearing it up can be a bit stressful and time-consuming. Nevertheless, making use of a good swimming pool clarifier will make the process a lot easier. This is why you need to get a better understanding of these amazing user-friendly chemicals so you can be two steps ahead of getting rid of that nasty cloud once and for all!
Before we go further, let’s briefly get a clearer picture of what brings about the cloudiness.

What Makes A Pool Cloudy?

water clarifier for poolsIn essence, pool water becomes cloudy when large masses of microscopic particles of matter are introduced into the pool water. These particles have the tendency of reflecting light back thus resulting in the appearance of a murky pool. Some common causes of the cloudy pool are:

• The Immediate Environment
The surrounding environment around the pool can lead to cloudiness. Particles such as leaves, dust, algae, dirt among others have the tendency of making your pool cloudy.

• The Human Factor
When your pool is frequented by a lot of swimmers, it is sure to get hazy. For instance, things such as dirt, sunscreen, body oils, skin cells, lint among others can make your pool cloudy.

• Poor Filtration System
Many times, it has been discovered that a faulty filtration system can lead to the cloudiness of your pool water. In a normal case scenario, the filter ought to run for about 8-10 hours on a daily basis. Failure to constantly do this can lead to the stagnancy of the water in your pool which inadvertently leads to cloudiness.

• Chemical Imbalances
When the pH level of your pool water is unbalanced, carbonates or sulfates have the tendency of being forced out of the pool thus leading to cloudiness. Also, the random sanitizers you use in your pool may result in cloudiness.

Now that we have covered the common causal factors of pool water cloudiness let us proceed to get a clearer picture of the ultimate solution. The good news is that restoring the initial health and sparkle of your pool water is a breeze with a quality pool clarifier.

What role do pool clarifiers play?

In simple terms, pool clarifiers are harmless chemicals that help get rid of the cloudiness in your pool. A swimming pool clarifier works by coagulating tiny particles into large clumps that will sink to the bottom of the pool thus making them filterable.

In essence, clarifiers bind these particles until they are large enough to be captured. The use of clarifiers helps boost sanitation and filtration.

Why you need pool clarifiers

As a pool owner, it’s not sufficient to just have your water free from bacteria. Though having a bacteria-free pool is vital; however if you want to have water that is in its purest state physically, that is one which is free from all sorts of dirt, skin oils, dead skin cells, algae, sunscreen among others, in short, if your goal is to get a clear and healthy pool, making use of pool clarifiers is the sure way to go.

For instance, when skin oils are washed off into the pool, they still linger around in the form of tiny particles, and this alone makes your water look cloudy even when there is no dirt present. Also, since they are so small, they finally get distributed around the pool instead of being filtered out thus leading to the cloudiness of your pool.

No matter how good your filtration system, things like dust, dissolved dirt, skin oils, among others can only be dissolved when the said particles are large enough to be captured, and that is the job of swimming pool clarifiers. In essence, pool clarifiers combine with skin oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and causes all those tiny specks to form larger clumps which will be dense enough for your filter system to catch without much hassle.

At the same time, clarifiers get rid of the chemical byproducts of other pool sanitizing chemicals such as chlorine, algaecides among others. Pool clarifiers clean all the byproducts up without adding any foul smell, in fact, at the end of the day your water will look good and also smell good. Also, a high-quality clarifier also helps to keep your pH in balance.

How Much Should Be Added?

When it comes to dosage, “More is not better.” In other words, it is advisable that you always follow the doses recommended by the manufacturer. The amount of clarifier you add depends on the size of your pool. Be careful not to overdose, using too much may inadvertently lead to more cloudiness.best water clarifier for pools

How Often Should Pool Clarifiers Be Used?

Following label instructions is key. So it is advisable that you use a pool water clarifier at least once a week with a lower dosage than initially used. So in essence, you can re-administer your pool clarifier after 5-7 days, and as I earlier mentioned DON’T USE TOO MUCH.
Now that you know the basics of pool clarifiers let us round-up with a step by step procedure of how to clean up your pool.

How to use a Water Clarifier for Pools – STEPS FOR CLOUDY WATER

• Run your pump for about 24-48 hours.
• Set the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6.
• Add the Recommended dose of pool clarifier according to the size of your unit.
• Make sure the pump and filter system is kept running for at least 8 hours.
• Switch off the pump and allow the pool to settle for 8-10 hours.
• Vacuum the pool thoroughly. Move the vacuum head along the bottom of the pool in slow even strokes so as not to disturb the particulates.
• Finally, keep the pump running for another 4 hours.
• After the time elapses, the pool is ready for use.

So far so good, we have covered the essentials of pool clarifiers, now that you have a clearer picture of what these amazing chemicals can do, it is now up to you to head out and get the best swimming pool clarifier on the market and get rid of that cloud once and for all.

Note: Always remember to ask the retailer to give you the swimming pool clarifier that acts as a coagulant, and you will be three steps closer to a crystal clear swimming pool!