Top 5 Golf Stroke Counters Under $20

Here are the cheapest top 5 golf stroke counters you can find on the market.

Do you have the same problem as I have? Is it hard to remember how many strokes you had on that last hole? Do you keep losing the scorecard? Do you simply want an easier method of keeping track of your golf score?

You should consider a golf score counter. There are many different styles and can be either digital or analog. Some counters keep multiple scores, some also keep track of putts. I scoured the web and found the top 5 golf stroke counters and the reviews are below.

EZ Count Stroke Counter Review

Small and easily attachable to your golf glove, the “EZ Count” is available in 5 colors.

You only need one finger to advance the counter.

You can only track 12 strokes but it has an easy to use one-touch-reset that you can use after each hole.

Colors options are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White

Digi 1st Sports Tally Counter

While not specifically for golf this tally counter by Digi 1st is sturdy and has glowing reviews.

Designed to be easy to use you can reset the score with the easy to turn knob on the side.

The display goes up to 9999

(though hopefully, you don’t have that many strokes!)

A one year warranty is included.

This counter is built to last.

Pixnor Golf Beads Stroke Counter Review

Bead stroke counters are very popular for golfers because they are easy to use.

This model, built by Pixnor is no exception.

The white and green plastic beads are attached to the black nylon rope and stand up to a lot of use and abuse.

To use, and keep track of your score simply slide a bead down after each stroke. When you finish the hole you can total up how many beads you moved.

Easy to keep in your pocket, or you can also use the included clip and attach it to your bag.

Delk All-In-One Golf Tool Review

This golf multi-tool is extremely handy.

Along with the one-click stroke counter and easy reset, you also get 6 other functions.

Included are a bottle opener, cleat tightener, magnetic ball marker, club groove cleaner, brush, divot repair tool.

At 4 inches long this mighty multi-tool is stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty.

G-Tool Five-In-One Stroke Counter Review

While not as durable as the Delk multi-tool this tool is still a good value for the price.

Built by G-Tool you get 5 golf tools, that fold into a holder that you can easily keep in your pocket or golf bag.

Along with the score counter that has easy to read numbers, you can also make use of the golf club cleaning brush.

Also included are a ball marker holder, a divot repair tool, and a groove cleaner.

Top 5 Golf Stroke Counters Buying Guide

Types of counters available:

Analog – Generally the most common, and cheapest option available. Easy to use, and often involve a clicker, or manually adjusting a rotating disk.

Digital – More expensive option – Can often keep track of multiple scores, or your score and putts. Reliability can sometimes be an issue.

Bead Counter – While also analog, this common counter type is easy to use, durable and made to last.

What to look for when buying a score counter:
Price – Most counters are generally under $10 though the cheaper models are often less durable and more prone to break.

Portability – Since your bag might not always be near you it is best for a counter if you can keep it in your pocket. The best counters are often the smallest.

Durability – If you use the counter often you don’t want it to break immediately. Make sure to check what material the counter is made out of and if it is built to last.

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