Best Laminator – Top 4 Laminators Reviewed

Laminators are one of the most common pieces of office equipment that’s slowly finding its way into homes.

Its main purpose is to apply a thin transparent film on documents you regularly handle. This film offers a waterproof and dirt proof layer to protect the laminated document.

It also makes the document sturdier. The best laminator uses heat and pressure to apply the thin film. Heat melts the film which is then applied to the document. Pressure on the other hand ensures that the film is evenly applied onto the document for a presentable look.

Scotch TL901C-T Thermal Laminator Review

This pouch laminator can be used to laminate documents with widths of up to 9 inches. It’s a good option for different documents including cards, photographs and licenses. It’s a versatile unit with two temperature settings for 3 mil and 5 mil pouches.

Depending on the temperature setting you choose, this unit will be completely heated and ready within 3 to 4 minutes. It has a convenient ready light indicator which informs you that the laminator is fully warmed up. Its two roller system ensures that the laminating film is evenly applied on the paper you’re working on.

The Scotch TL901-T thermal laminator is also easy to operate thanks to the built-in touch controls. In case of a pouch misfeed, you’ll find the pouch release lever handy. Built to save on space and portability, this pouch laminator has a 14-inch length and features a convenient cord wrap.

Overall, it’s a good laminator that gets the job done. The design could, however, include a flat tray that would minimize warping of documents as they pass through especially if you’re laminating long sheets of paper.

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Review

One of the popular pouch laminators on the market today, Amazon Basics thermal laminator is built to make laminating documents a breeze. It will laminate documents with widths up to 9 inches and is compatible with different document sizes.

This pouch laminator has two heat options of 3 mils and 5 mils. This will give you control over how thick the lamination should be. It heats up quickly taking an average of 4 minutes to completely warm-up.

A ready light indicator helps you know when to start laminating your documents. A convenient jam release lever makes it easy to clear misfeeds without the need for special tools.

The Amazon Basics thermal laminator has a length of 13.4 inches allowing you to save on desk space.

Although a decent pouch laminator, it does feed a bit slower compared to competing units. However, it’s well worth investing in if you want an affordable and efficient unit.

Blusmart Thermal Laminator Review

The Blusmart thermal laminator boasts of fast warmup times and fast laminating speeds. It features a 2 roller system which speeds up the lamination process to 12 inches per minute. The warmup time is between 3 and 4 minutes.

The convenient ready light indicator helps you know when the lamination process may commence. Like many pouch laminators for home and office use, the Blusmart thermal laminator will handle documents with widths of up to 9 inches. It has 3 mil and 5 mil temperature options allowing you to laminate documents of varying thickness.

A built-in ABS anti-jam button allows you to clear misfeeds fast and continue laminating your documents within no time. This pouch laminator is also built to save energy with a power rating of just 50 watts.

Each order comes with a return or replacement guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Overall, it’s a good pouch laminator however, the rollers seem to not heat well enough to ensure complete lamination with one run through the unit.

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i Review

One of the best laminators on the market today, the Fellowes Saturn3i 125 offers a host of features that will make the lamination process a breeze. It can handle documents with widths up to 12.5 inches allowing you to laminate a host of different paper sizes.

The built-in InstaHeat technology offers a fast warmup of just 1 minute, one of the quickest options available. It has 3 temperature settings including 3 mils, 5 mils, and cold heat. The cold heat setting is for self-adhesive pouches. A ready light coupled with audible beep helps you know when the unit is fully heated.

In order to prevent overheating and save on energy, this pouch laminator has an auto-off feature. A jam release lever allows you to clear misfeeds fast. Each order includes 10 samples of laminating pouches to get you started right out of the box.

Although well designed, it’s quite large and bulky making it less portable compared to competing pouch laminators.


You are going to need the laminating pouches for your laminator.

These pouches by Scotch are the best out there.

They have a 3-millimeter thickness and come in various sizes, and quantities.

Best Laminator Buying Guide
Before investing in a new laminator, the following are considerations you should make.

Documents it can handle
Pouch laminators are designed for home, office and classroom use. Usually, they’ll handle a variety of document types. Some of the main considerations to make include the maximum document width and overall dimensions the laminator can handle. Document thickness is also important.

Number of rollers
Rollers heat and apply pressure to the document being laminated. Generally, 2 roller systems are the most common for personal use. The number of fitted rollers also affects the overall size and weight of the unit.

Laminating thickness
This consideration determines the minimum and maximum film thickness the laminator can handle. It’s recommended that you go for pouch laminators with at least 3 mils to 5 mils laminating thickness for personal use.

Reverse and jam clearing
The best pouch laminator will feature a reverse button which makes it easy to run the document several times through the unit to get the best results. A convenient jam release lever allows you to clear misfeeds with ease.

Other features
Other important features to consider when looking for the best laminator include its size, whether it has cold heat functionality, and price.

Final words

Now that you have the best laminating device, you just need to start using it. And when you start using it, you’ll never go back. You’ll become addicted to it.

Enjoy your best laminator for home as much as we enjoy ours.

And if you need any review of some products that you cannot find on Helpful Reviewer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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