What Is The Best Pizza Peel For You? – Top 4 Peels/Paddles Reviewed

A pizza peel also known as a pizza paddle is a great tool that will make your life a lot easier when handling pizza dough and finished pizzas

Below I review the four best peels that will make a welcome addition to your kitchen!

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1:Kitchen Supply 14" X 16" Aluminum Pizza Peel - SHOP NOW

This aluminum pizza peel is light weight and perfectly sized for a traditional in-home oven.

Even though the surface of the pizza peel is constructed from light gauge aluminum, it is sturdy enough to easily hold a large 14-inch pizza without any issues.

Be careful handling the product at first, as the edges of the aluminum surface can be a little sharp.

2: Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Wood Pizza Peel - SHOP NOW

This pizza peel is made from acacia wood alone, which is well known for its rich dark colors and breathtaking contrasting patterns.

This beautifully designed pizza peel is great for getting a 14-inch pizza from the oven, but the exquisite beauty of it also serves as an elegant serving plate for the pizza.

The edges of the flat surface are tapered just enough to allow delicate baked goods to be picked up with ease and the handle comes with a leather loop to make it easier to store.

The wood of this specific peel must be maintained properly or there is a chance that it could splinter.

3: International WPP-1222 Rubber Wood Pizza Peel - SHOP NOW

This wooden pizza peel has a sturdy oblong surface with a smooth finish. It is 22 inches in length with the ability to transfer a large 16-inch pizza to the oven with ease.

The wood of this pizza peel is amazing, but it is a very dry wood.

The wood is resistant to warping and cracking, but I suggest that the wood should be oiled before it is used to prevent possible damage.
4: American MetalCraft Pizza Peel - SHOP NOW

This specific pizza peel is designed with a thin surface that is meant for transferring large thin crust pizzas to and from the grill or the oven with ease.

It’s a sturdy reliable tool that if large enough to handle a 16-inch pizza that is weighed down with toppings.

As with any aluminum style pizza peel, be careful that sharp edges were not left on the flat surface.

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Have you ever made a pizza that you wanted to cook directly on the rack like they do in authentic Italian places? How do you transfer a fully loaded pizza from the counter to the oven? It’s tough, unless you put the pizza together on a pizza peel and use that to transfer it to the oven.

peel image

Using a pizza peel will also help you get the pizza into the back of the oven without risking getting burnt. It is also a great product to utilize if you like to bake your pizza on a pizza stone. You can easily make up the pizza on the pizza peel, and then transfer it to the hot stone that is already preheating inside the oven.

A pizza peel is a very unique item that makes handling pizza dough simple, it makes handling delicate bread dough and pastries a much easier concept as well. It also simplifies the process of getting the baked items out of the hot oven.

What Materials Are Peels Made Of?

The end of the pizza paddle is typically a large flat surface that can either be metal or wood. The flat surface is attached to a wooden handle that comes in a variety of lengths. When purchasing a pizza peel it is important to get one that is suited for your oven.

The point of the tool is to give you enough length so that your arms and hands never have to come in contact with the heat of the oven. peel image 2

NOTE: Before using a pizza peel it is important to sprinkle it generously with flour or cornmeal. This additional step assures you that the baked goods or the pizza dough do not stick to the pizza peel.

Losing their delicate shape because there was no flour on the tool used to transfer them to the oven would be unfortunate and defeat the purpose of using the tool in the first place.

What Size Do You Need?

There are many pizza peels available on the market, but how do you know which pizza peel is best for you? First measure the oven to see how far it is to the very back.

You will want to get a handle that accommodates that length. Second, you need to make sure the flat surface at the end of the pizza peel is the correct size for the items you plan on baking.

As an avid pizza maker, I prefer the wooden pizza peels, especially since they can double up as gorgeous serving plates. Which pizza peel works best for your kitchen?

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