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Best Solar Pool Ionizer – Top 4 Ionizers Reviewed

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and have fun and what better way to have fun than to swim in one of the Best Solar Pool Ionizer. The reason for us to suggest a Pool Ionizer is that one of the main downfalls of pools

Best Salt Chlorinator – Top 4 Chlorinators Reviewed

As the effects of exposure to toxic chemicals have grown substantially over the last 20 years, so has consumer awareness and the need for healthier alternatives. Take the home pool, for example. For years, owners had no objections to pumping them full of chemical chlorides without considering

Best Air Pump for Inflatables – Top 4 Air Pumps Reviewed

During the summer all sorts of inflatables need to be inflated, beach toys, bounce houses, slip n’ slides, air beds, swimming pools, and so much more. Don’t let this be the summer where you are still trying to blow up all the toys with a manual pump,

Best pH Meter – Top 4 Meters Reviewed

If you have the best pH meter at home, then you have a great tool on hand to test water quality often. If you have a swimming pool, a hydroponic garden, or even if you just want to make sure your drinking water is at the right

Water Clarifier for Pools – Get Rid of the Cloud!

Water clarifier for pools – What does it do? How does it help? For every pool owner, there is nothing better than a safe, clean, bright and good-smelling water that soothes and relaxes the skin and body as a whole. However, in reality, at one point in

Ascorbic Acid For Swimming Pools – How Does It Help?

Do you know what is Ascorbic Acid For Swimming Pools? If not, then pay attention to the below article. Have you ever tried to have a nice refreshing time in the swimming pool only to discover that it is too dirty? A dirty swimming pool can be

What is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner? – Top 5 Cleaners Reviewed

What is the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool? There are several things that make a pool very dirty and uninviting— Excessive amount of mud, grime, algae, debris, etc. A robotic pool cleaner can assist in saving time spent in getting the pool back again to

Baking Soda in Pools – How to Adjust pH in Residential Swimming Pools

If you want to swim safely in your residential swimming pool, then you need to use “Baking Soda in Pools”. When it comes to versatile products, there are few on the market that can be used in more ways than baking soda. From calming an upset stomach

Using Sodium Bicarbonate for Pools

As the summer days get longer and hotter, more people are spending as much time as possible in their swimming pools. While a great way to cool off with family and friends, it also takes careful maintenance to keep all aspects of one’s pool in top condition.

Helpful Review of InTheSwim.com – Pool Equipment, Cleaners, Chemicals and more

Company History InTheSwim.com is an online pool supply store that offers a wide variety of accessories and necessary equipment for pools. Founded by a husband and wife team in 1982, they have built their business based upon a high level of customer satisfaction. Their large variety of
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