Top 3 Drip Pans for Outdoor Grilling

Grilling outdoors is always fun and relaxing, but cleanup can be a hassle. Below I have reviewed the highest rated disposable and reusable drip pans.

1:Weber 6415 7-1/2" X 5" Aluminum Drip Pans - Set of 10 - SHOP NOW

Fitting the most styles of grills, the Weber 6415 drip pans are the most popular.

Easily slides into your grease catch, and can be removed for hassle-free cleanup.

Fits all Weber gas grills except Summit 6 burner grills.

Always have a few of these pans ready for action!
2: Steven Raichlen Beer-Can Chicken Rack with Drip Pan - SR8016

One of the best ways to cook a chicken is the beer can method which keeps the chicken moist, and flavorful.

This Steven Raichlen drip pan model number SR8016 is made of sturdy stainless steel and is highly rated, and reviewed.

Take all the muss and fuss out of cooking with a beer can by placing your beer of choice in the included canister.

The drip pan has 2 looped side handles for easy transport, and is dishwasher-safe.
3: Weber 6417 All-Purpose Summit Drip Pan 10-Pack - SHOP NOW

These hard to find drip pans fit all Summit 6 burner and 4 burner grills that are from 2004 or newer.

Model 6417 is longer than the 6415's listed above coming in at 11-by-5-by-2-1/2-inch

10 drip pans are included. Can also be used for cooking.
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