Best Luggage Scale – Top 4 Scales Reviewed

To avoid the hefty fees that airlines charge for overweight bags, a luggage scale is a must have in your traveling arsenal. A luggage scale is a portable device used to measure how heavy your luggage is before leaving for the airport.

Simply hook it on a support, and loop its strap through your luggage handle for an accurate read. Below is a detailed review of some of the best luggage scales available in the market today.

Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor Review

I was a bit skeptical at first about the Camry luggage scale considering the many brands in the market that promise a lot of high tech features. With the Camry model, however, it’s a real game-changer.

The scale is accurate (negligible margin of error) and easy to use even for a first-time traveler. It has a comfortable grip (comes with a rubber handle) and keeping the luggage steady as you pull a reading is a walk in the park. They’ve even added a temperature sensor to make things a bit more interesting.

Fret not if weight conversions give you a migraine. The Camry model allows you to easily switch between Kilos and Pounds on the user-friendly LCD display.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale Review

Another sleek solution to help you avoid the embarrassment of opening your luggage in the airport is the Tarriss Jetsetter. It sports an easy-to-read LCD display that doesn’t require a draining back-light to read. Additionally, the auto shut-off feature preserves the battery and will turn off the scale after 30 seconds of inactivity.

An innovative lock weight feature works like a charm and locks the weight for easy reading once the luggage is stable. What a life saver! Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the durable stainless design should exceed your expectations and serve you on many trips for years to come.

They’ve also thrown in a free guide on traveling through the airport inside the package. It’s kind of a cheat sheet on how to move through the airport faster, cheaper and with less hassle.

AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale Review

Its compact size and design make the Amazon luggage scale a favorite for frequent travelers. This handheld device comes fitted with a contoured shape for a comfortable and secure grip and a large digital display for reading a bags weight.

An intuitive push button has been added to turn on the scale, switch between units of measurements, and instantly reset the scale to zero. Before using the scale, however, make sure the clear plastic tag around the battery is removed.

The only downside is the scale turning on when in your travel bag because of its easy-to-press buttons. So, be careful how you fit it inside your bag. You don’t want to find the battery drained when you need to use it.

Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger 110 lb Review

The makers of the Dunheger scale have taken on the big boys by coming up with a travel gadget that has the potential to blow away the competition. The best thing about this luggage scale is that it uses normal AAA batteries.

Most scales in the market use coin batteries which can be quite expensive to replace and hard to find in your local store. Other features include an aesthetic blue display that shows your bag’s weight in big letters making it easy to read.

Combine this with an auto-lock and auto shut-off function and you have a reliable travel scale you can use with laser-like precision. It also comes with a free carrying bag for easier storage.

Buying GuideHow to find the best luggage scale for your needs.

For many travelers, exorbitant charges imposed at the airport in the name of excess luggage fees can easily dampen the mood of an otherwise great trip. Keeping track of the different luggage allowances by different airlines can be a hassle and a luggage scale is your best bet in managing your weight. Here are some tips and recommendations to keep in mind when shopping for one.

Weight capacity

This is the maximum weight that the scale can read. Most scales max out at about 125 pounds which is more than you’ll ever need. Ideally, a scale with a big allowance is better.

Weight Lock
Look out for a scale with this feature which allows it to calculate the weight after a few seconds of stabilization. Trying to read the scale while holding the bag can be an effort in futility especially if you’re packing heavy for a trip.

Type Of Display
Luggage scales come in either LCD or analog displays. A backlit LCD display is recommended for easier reading in all light conditions. Be sure to test the batteries aren’t dead before your next trip, though.

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