Best Backpacking Shovel – Top 4 Shovels Reviewed

You need the best backpacking shovel if you enjoy hillwalking in the snow, in the wood or other places that need you digging. Here are some of the best shovel reviews for you so that you can choose the one that fits your requirements easily.

The backpacking shovel should be something that is small, light and definitely strong. You do not use it to dig a big hole, it is just something you can use to dig a small trench around the tent when it rains or a pit latrine for one person or two or something that can cover the fireplace in the morning.

It should be small enough to fit under a car seat or strapped to your belt or just clipped to your camping bag. An aluminum one is best since it will not rust; it is also strong enough to cut through small roots.

SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N – Folding Shovel Review

This product is great and has a lot of functionalities. It has strong metal that can cut through light roots, make latrines, a sleeping spot or clearing up a fireplace. It is not strong enough to do a lot of deep digging, if you plant to I would suggest you get something stronger.

For the light camp chores, it works perfectly well. The SOG folds and unfolds to fit in your backpack making carrying it around very easy. A problem I noticed with the product though is it has no edge at all so if you are digging hard compacted dirt you might want to get something sharper.

It is a decent tool that can handle light camping activities but not anything too deep or hard.

AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel Review

This shovel is small with a great feel. It is just perfect for casual digging and perhaps slicing through snow. It is sturdy and very well built and the fact that it can be dissembled into three parts makes it even more convenient to carry around.

One thing I noted about the shovel though is you cannot rely on it to scoop and lift anything heavy; just light fluffy stuff. Where the handle joins the shovel, the tool feels weak like it can break when scooping something heavy. In case you need to scoop heavy sand, I would not advise this shovel; something much stronger would serve you better. However, for light cutting of snow or light sand this shovel works like a machine.

If you use it for the right intended reasons that is snow and not ice it will serve you season after season.

Military Folding Shovel and Pick Review

When it comes to gardening and any other outdoor activities then this is the shovel to carry around. It is lightweight with smart folding capabilities. It is strong, sharp, petite and robust. It is made with genuine thick gauge metal and strong bolts around the folding area to ensure that it does not snap and break.

I like its size, not too short and not too long. It is just the perfect size for backwoods camping chores. It even bends at a 90-degree angle and has saw teeth to cut through light wood. It is also very easy to clean since you can disassemble the parts clean them and fit them back together easily. We really like this military shovel.

Pagreberya Compact Outdoor Folding Shovel with Knife Review

This an all-metal shovel with no plastic at all. It is small to fit in a backpack and has many uses. You can opt to use it as a shovel, a chopper or even a saw. It has no weakness at the joints and it is long enough to have enough leverage when digging through sand.

It also has some accessories that come with it. These come in handy when you are in a survival situation. The compass for instance and the fire starter are just amazing accessories that make the tool worthwhile.

The pouch is decently made and makes carrying the shovel very convenient. One of the best outdoor shovels.

Buying GuideHow to find the best backpack shovel for your needs.

When buying any of these products please bear in mind these three things;

· How many miles will you be carrying it? If for a long time then look for a light shovel with a pouch or perhaps a carrying case.

· What is the purpose? Digging deep trenches or deep holes? If yes look for a military form of a shovel because it is strong.

· Is it for camping, scouting or just for cleaning? Then a light one would serve you best.

Final words

You need the best backpacking shovel when you move around and do trecking, hill walking, walk-in forests, in the desert, or other places around the globe.

Here, we provided with the top 4 shovel reviews. And you can even use these as the best backpacking shovel snow if you need to.

So, choose one that fits your needs and specifications and buy it. You’ll love it when you are away.

By the way, keep looking for other products on our website, we are sure that you’ll find something of interest to you and your family.

And if you do not find what you need, just contact us and we shall be delighted to write an article with the different best products you need.

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