Best Divot Repair Tool Under $20 – Top 5 Tools Reviewed

Best Divot Repair Tool

You hit your approach shot, and send your shiny golf ball soaring into the air. The ball lands with a satisfying thump, and lightly spin back towards the hole. It is a great feeling, hitting that perfect shot. But now it is time to repair your ball mark.

If you are like most people you crudely jab at the mark with a tee or a flimsy repair tool that you got in some cheap gift set. Or even worse you ignore the ball mark and leave the damaged green to turn into a pockmarked mess.

The golf green is a delicate place and needs to be taken care of properly. The best way to do that is with high quality, properly designed divot repair tools, along with the correct technique.

Below I review the top 5 tools, and below that, I give you some tips on how to make sure you are getting the best tool for your needs. All the tools below can be purchased for under $20.

PitchFix 3 Prong Divot Twister Tool Review

This unique looking divot tool may seem confusing at first but it is quite easy to use. Instead of digging and prodding at the dirt, which generally leaves the green in worse shape, the PitchFix pulls the grass up.

Simply plug the 3 prongs vertically into the depression, and pull straight up, this is great for the grass root system. I love how simplistic this tool is.

The PitchFix repair tool was also rated very highly by Golf Digest.

The PitchFix is durable and solid, and you wouldn’t even notice it if you carry it in your pocket.

A ball marker is magnetically attached to the bottom.

Stainless Steel Switchblade Divot Tool Review

This beautiful stainless steel divot repair tool is sturdy, durable and built to last.

Also, you can customize it! That’s why it is probably the best divot repair tool, but it is not that cheap when engraved. I need to be honest about that one.

A push-button spring release opens the business end, and it easily snaps back into place keeping the prongs from catching on anything.

The magnetic, removable ball marker is made of nickel, and laser engraved by Indiana Metal Craft if you so choose.

With laser engraving, you are assured that your design will not wear away or rub off.

Insta Golf Spider Twist Review

Another odd-looking tool that serves a great purpose all while being very easy to use. The Spider by Insta Golf uses three wavy prongs that easily slide into your ball mark. And I like this one, that is why I adding on the list of best golf divot tools.

The wavy design allows you a better grip. Pull straight up with a twisting motion and your ball mark is fixed instantly.

Don’t be surprised if you start fixing other ball marks on the green, it is so fun! A removable durable milled aluminum case protects you from the prongs, and gives it a sleek look.

A rounded depression in the tool gives your finger a nice grip, it is very well designed. A magnetic ball marker is also included. Your golf course will thank you!

Voplop Golf Divot Repair Tool Review

A funny name but a serious and one of the Best Divot Repair Tool. The Voplop is a very highly reviewed repair tool with a more classic look. Also utilizing a switchblade release mechanism this tool really enables you to work around the ball mark without hurting the grass.

I like how the tines are designed to be used as groove cleaners for your clubs. I am a fan of multi-purpose design tools.

The poly-carbonate body makes this tool lightweight and the hardened stainless steel forks ensure long life and reliable service.

The Voplop is available in multiple colors and also includes a magnetic ball marker.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Pivot Review

Titleist is known for making high quality, durable products, this sleek repair tool is no exception.

I love the look of this tool and it is designed to fit very well in your hand. The unique pivot point allows you to gently rock the ball mark out of the green, using leverage.

Originally sold only with Scotty Cameron putters, you can now buy this high-quality tool individually. The three-hole design, unique to Scotty Cameron, serves as weight reduction, making this tool very lightweight, and easy to carry in your pocket.

The forks do not fold away, but the dulled tips prevent you from stabbing your leg when you put it back in your pocket. You are already seeing enough red with that triple bogey no need to make things worse!

What To Look For To Select The Best Divot Tool

If you are like me, you have probably seen all different shapes and sizes of divot repair tools. You may have also assumed that they all serve the same purpose, and purchased the cheapest or shiniest one.

After reading the above reviews you now know that proper technique is required along with a well-designed tool. If you are ready to make your local greens a nicer place, read on to find out what to look for in a divot repair tool.

Design: The most common design utilizes two prongs that dig into the ball mark and push the dirt, and compacted grass up. Newer models use prongs that stick into the mark and pull the grass up. The pull-up method is much easier on the grass root system and is highly recommended.

Price: There are a lot of cheap options, at cheap prices. However, a well-designed tool can be had for $15-$20. Once you buy a quality tool you will never go back, simply because the durable craftsmanship makes it last forever.

Technique: If you do use a two-prong model, of which there are plenty of good models, you need to make sure you are using proper technique. Repairing a ball mark with improper technique is sometimes worse than not even fixing the mark.

To get started place the tool into the mark at a 45-degree angle and gently use leverage to lift up the compacted dirt. Do not completely pull the dirt out of the ground!

Continue to go around the mark and gently push the rest of the mark slightly above the green’s surface. Now use your putter to gently tamp down the mound.

Check out the YouTube video below for a visual demonstration:

Final words

Now that you have the knowledge to select the best golf divot tools, you just need to buy the one that suits you best.

There’s no much to it. And I tried to ensure that the list here is short and to the point so that you do not waste your time. The best thing to do now is to go with the one that suits your personality. That’s all.

Please do not hesitate to read through our site about other reviews. And if you want to suggest other products for us to test, then please contact us. We will look into these products with all our hearts.

And enjoy your ball mark repair tool.

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