Best Snowboard Bag – Top 4 Bags Reviewed

If you are a serious snowboarder, snowboard bags are a very valuable and crucial accessory for you. Other than providing you with space for storing your snowboard, it provides a dry, clean and safe way to safeguard your accessories and tools.

No one wants to mix up their dirty clothes and boots with clean snowboards and helmet and such! A snowboard bag offers the solution to storing your luggage easily and quickly and better yet, in different compartments.

To help you out, below are the some of the best snowboard bags in the market.

BURTON Space Sack Review

As the name suggests, the Burton Space Sack is a wonderful, moderately priced bag that offers you ample space for the storage of your snowboard and other related stuff. It is made using pure 100% polyester and is wonderful for all sorts of trips including air travel!


· Spacious enough to even accommodate up to 4 snowboards (not encouraged)

· Good quality and greatly priced

· Particular ideal for all sorts of road travel


· Not much padding

· Not ideal when it comes to long flights

High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo Review

Even with little options when it comes to colors, this reasonably priced bag is exactly what you need for your snowboard. High Sierra is an inventive way to protect your boots and contrary to what we are accustomed to. The bag has several compartments for different tools, they offer you an additional bag for use. It is made out of 100% nylon (600d) and fortified with PVC water-resistant coating. This is the ideal choice for those with tight budgets.


· Affordable pricing

· 2 for 1 – two bags all for a single bag price

· Water resistant


· The boot bag can only accommodate boots under size 13

· Little padding making it unsuitable for travel by air

Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo Review

Similar to High Sierra, Athletico is yet another value choice for snowboarders. Aside from its affordable pricing, it comes with a separate bag for storage of boots alone. It is ideal for boards stretching as far as 5.5 feet. Moreover, it comes with detachable straps adding to the convenience and is great for budget buyers and short trips.


· Great quality for an affordable price

· Ideal for taking short trips

· Accompanied by a separate bag for your boots


· Not suitable for travel by air

· Not suitable for large boards/very tall individuals

Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels Review

Embedded with long lasting urethane wheels, the Demon Phantom snowboard bag is among the finest wheeled snowboard bags available in the market. It is made using durable fabric and complemented by a reinforced base.

It accommodates boards stretching as far as 5.5 feet. It is a feature packed bag boasting a durable, thick tow handle not to mention monster-sized interiors to allow safeguarding of multiple boards, helmets, and boots among others.

Moreover, it is equipped with detachable shoulder straps, a robust construction, and heavy duty zippers all that blend to give you a sturdy, spacious snowboard travel bag.


· Sturdy construction

· Spacious interiors

· Heavy duty zippers to safeguard your items


· A more expensive option

Snowboard Bag Buying Guide – How to find the best snowboard bag for your needs.

Before you buy a snowboard bag there are a number of factors to consider, below we list what you should keep an eye out for.

Construction and Design: While most of the snowboard bags are comprised of a polyester material, there are diverse polyester materials grades which make it the more important to choose wisely. ensure that the design and construction you select is sturdy and durable. Moreover, it is also better if you go for padded bags to boost the security of your items.

Storage Capacity: No one wants the cumbersomeness that comes with carrying different bags for different items. Depending on how many accessories you need to carry with you, storage capacity is a crucial aspect.

Price: What budget are you working with? What is your price range? Although price at times dictates the value and quality of a bag, go for what you can afford but worth the value.


If you are accustomed to snowboarding, then you know the equipment does not come cheap. To protect it, you need a snowboard bag

· To protect your snowboarding equipment from dust, water, and even scratches

· It offers a convenient and comfortable means of transporting your expensive snowboarding equipment.


Backpack: they resemble backpacks and are convenient carrying bags

Shoulder: similar to backpacks but use a sling suspended over the user’s shoulder

Wheeled: They are snowboard bags that are equipped with wheels for convenient carrying of equipment

Padded: Closely allied to typical wheeled snowboard bags but are more sturdy safeguarding equipment from even dents, dings and scratches.

Unpadded: Also known as sleeve

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