Best Welding Sleeves – Top 4 Sleeves Reviewed

If you are a welder, then you need the best welding sleeves to protect you.

Whether you are a hobbyist welder or work in welding as a profession, you should always wear the proper safety gear.

Wearing the proper safety gear while welding will prevent burns and eye injuries to you giving you a safer work environment.

One of the most overlooked pieces of safety equipment is arm protection. Trust me, I have felt sparks from another person welding on my arm when I was not even close to the welder and they do burn you even if they land on you for a split second.

Safety is our number one priority so we can continue doing what we love to do; welding! Arm protection is made available in various options, from full welding coats to welding sleeves.

Today we will review welding sleeves which just go on the arms and around part of the chest and then come off with either zippers or snaps.

IRONCAT 7000 Heat Resistant Leather Cape Sleeve Review

The Ironcat 7000 is one of the best welding sleeves you can find around. It is a heat-resistant leather cape sleeve. Just to make sure we are on the same line, it is one of the highest quality welding sleeves available in multiple sizes from medium to 4 extra-large.

The Ironcat 7000 has cowhide leather capes which include soapstone storage pockets with adjustable snaps on the collar and wrist making it more multifunctional. Additional leather makes it reinforced for added safety.

With tanned cape sleeves, this welding cape is designed to provide the best heat resistance during welding projects. This protects the welder from spatter and sparks.

You can use the welding sleeve for multiple uses including shipyards, gas welding, steel mills, torch work, construction, hobbyist welders, manufacturing, and automotive assembly.

It features stitched Kevlar threads that offer heat resistance. You can use this with a safety bib to add extra safety.

There are 11” armholes, 22” neck opening, 26” chest width, 25” sleeve length and 10.5” body length with a large size split leather cape.

Tillman 5218E Heavyweight 18″ Sleeves Review

The 18” sleeves are made from Bourbon brown side split cowhide to give optimum heat resistance while welding.

Each arm sleeve has a 2&1/4” external elastic sleeve on both sides of the sleeve to keep it tight and prevent sliding while working.

Added heat protection is given with the use of sewn Kevlar threads in the sleeves.

You can use the sleeves as a hobbyist welder or for a profession including gas welding.

The Tillman 5218E sleeves are sold as a pair of two and they are a max weight of only one pound!

There are many great reviews about the sleeves as they do the job just as well as some popular more expensive brands. There are some people that state the sleeves get uncomfortable after a lot of use but it does not affect them while they are welding.

Waylander Welding Leather Sleeves Review

The Waylander arm sleeves offer protection for grilling, welding, grinding, woodcutting, and gardening.

Thick leather will protect your arms against heat while working. They will not stop a chainsaw from cutting through the material like chainsaw chaps though. There is an option to get these sleeves with or without a satin interior lining.

There is an adjustable upper arm with elastic to prevent slipping and being uncomfortable while wearing the sleeves. The sleeve dives right into your work gloves.

Split thick cowhide leather offers ultimate arm protection for hobbyist and professional welders.

The hems of the Waylander Welding Sleeves are hemmed and sewn with Kevlar threads. Kevlar adds strength and heat resistance to the sleeves.

Sleeve specifications are a length of 21 inches and circumference of 17 inches. The weights of the sleeves are like other similar sleeves of only 1 pound and are also sold as a pair.

Lincoln Electric Welding Sleeves Review

Lincoln Electric is trusted by industry professionals and has close to a decade of use in the industry.

The welding sleeves provide elastic cuffs to keep spatter out and hold the sleeves in the proper position. They include a flame retardant cotton top to improve comfort and mobility and the leather area provides spatter and heat resistance.

For those wondering; the lower and middle portions of the sleeves are 75% leather while the upper portion is made of the 25% 9-ounce flame retardant cotton.

Each sleeve is 21 inches in length to provide full arm coverage on most people. While it does not state they are sewn with Kevlar, Lincoln Electric states it is a high-strength thread to prevent ripping and fraying.

This set of sleeves can be used as primary or secondary arm protection for welding. They are designed for long-term use so don’t be nervous if you are looking to purchase these for your job and using them daily.

Buying Guide – How to find the best welding sleeves for your needs.

Sleeve Style: Depending on what your personal style is, you will have to decide if you want to purchase sleeves, a cape, or a full leather jacket. While we did not review leather jacket styles, it is a more expensive option. Sleeves and capes are cheaper but still offer the maximum protection to welders. They are also easier to get on and off before and after a welding job.

Durability: Be certain that the sleeves are made out of cowhide or leather to offer heat protection from spatter and sparks. It is also good to choose a set of sleeves with Kevlar stitching but it is not a necessity. Kevlar is resistant to high heat as well, and that is why we suggested it.

Brand: Do you want a specific brand or does any brand work for you? Most offer the same protection and even the off brands have as high or higher reviews than the more popular brands on the market.

Sleeve Length: Measure your arms before purchasing to make sure the sleeves will cover your entire arm, especially if you are going to be in a t-shirt while welding. Safety against burns is an important aspect and this is the main reason you are looking to purchase the welding sleeves.

Warranty: What is the welding sleeves warranty is there is any? If there is no warranty are you ok with this or will it sway you to purchase a product with a warranty?

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