I regularly use nitrile gloves to protect my hands whenever I am doings tasks that may expose me to dirt, harmful chemicals, or grime. Recently, I decided to get new ones. Of all the gloves I came across, four of them stood out. The nitrile gloves had the same benefits that can be found in natural latex gloves including flexibility, dexterity, and a firm fit.

The gloves do not have the risk of allergic reactions that occur with latex gloves. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber, so individuals who are vulnerable to allergic reactions can safely use them.

The four best nitrile gloves that impressed are listed below. I liked these four brands so much that I decided to share my research findings with you.

Liberty Glove – Duraskin Review

Liberty Glove & Safety manufactures this nitrile industrial glove. The gloves are powder free, and they have a texturized finish. It is large and has a four mil thickness. They are made of synthetic polymer making them highly resistant to puncture.

You can be assured of safety against harmful chemicals when you are at work. It is the perfect choice for allergen-sensitive individuals.

The Liberty Gloves have a lot of comments on Amazon, and most of the buyer’s comments about the product were positive. Customers wrote that they use the gloves for various purposes such as cooking and they perform well.

However, there were a few gripes about the gloves. One customer wrote that they were not happy with the gloves’ inconsistency in size and some were tore.

Only a few negative comments were there, meaning the alleged problems were not widespread.

Diamond Gloves Review

The Diamonds Gloves Co. manufactures the gloves. The gloves are heavy-duty and powder free. The gloves are designed for various uses for law enforcement, and even in the tattoo industry.

They have a great tactile sensitivity and dexterity. The gloves are also latex free making them safe for individuals who are allergic to latex.

Comments about the product from its users were positive. Most customers expressed their satisfaction with the gloves’ resistance to moisture and puncture.

There was no negative comment about the Diamond Gloves.

Dynarex 2523 Nitrile Exam Gloves Review

Dynarex produces the Dynarex 2523 Nitrile Exam Gloves. Individuals who are sensitive to rubber will find these gloves very efficient and helpful.

The gloves have excellent resistance to puncture, and it has good tactile sensitivity. They are mostly used during law enforcement activities. They are designed with textured fingers to boost their grip.

Most customers were impressed by the glove’s exceptional features. Buyers who were allergic to natural rubber could not hide their joy about the gloves.

Nitrile Exam Gloves Review

Theses gloves are a product of The Safety Zone. It comes with several impressive features such as lubricant powder free, latex free, and food safe.

You can use these gloves to prepare your food in the kitchen without the fear of contaminating your food. The gloves are durable, and they have an excellent strength that makes them puncture-resistant.

Most customers rated these gloves with a five star showing their satisfaction with the product. However, a few of the buyers complained that the gloves were very thin.

Buying guide for Nitrile Gloves

1. Consider your intended use of the gloves

Nitrile gloves can be either of the medical grade or the industrial grade. The intended application of the gloves will help you to choose between the two. The industrial grade is best suited for activities that will expose you to harsh chemicals. They are common in industries such as the automotive and janitorial industries. The medical or exam grade are used to protect the user against environmental pathogens or blood-borne pathogens. They are common in medical facilities.

2. Consider the glove size and color

It is important to purchase the gloves that will fit your hand properly. It is advisable to try glove samples before deciding on the size of the glove you need. The color coding of the gloves is also an important consideration. The standard color of nitrile gloves is blue, and it is used to differentiate them from the latex gloves. You can also use color to distinguish glove sizes and avoid cross contamination.

3. Glove thickness

The gloves come in various thickness, measured in millimeters generally abbreviated as “mil”. The thickness ranges from four to eight millimeters. It is important to buy a glove with extra thickness to give you better protection from chemicals.

4. Texture and finish

A glove with a textured finish will enhance your grip in both wet and dry conditions.

5. Powdered vs. powder-free gloves

The powdered gloves absorb any extra moisture to ease the process of putting them on; however, some powder residue may be left behind. The powder-free gloves have chlorinated finish which boosts its grip. It does not leave any residues behind.