Best Oil Filter Wrench – Top 4 Oil filter Wrenches Reviewed

If you are at a stage when you need to change your oil filter, then you need the best oil filter wrench you can find on the market place.

To make this simple, a wrench is a tool that provides mechanical support to turn objects, mostly circular objects that are easy to rotate.

Unfortunately, oil filters are very stubborn. Removing them from the engine is really a hard job. And that is why people use the best oil filter wrench set as the instrument to separate the oil filter from the engine.

Obviously, there are a number of such tools available in the market. They are available in a number of sizes and shapes. According to the usability and performance, one can select the best oil filter wrench for this work.

A smart choice can help you to get rid of stiff oil filters without any damage to the filter, car or you! There are a few oil filter wrenches that are the best available, and the good news is that these are reviewed below:

TEKTON 5866 12-Inch Oil Filter Pliers Review

Tekton 5866 is one of the best oil filter wrenches. It is also called oil filter pliers due to its shape. The length of the product is 12 inches and a capacity of 4-1/2 inches. It means that it can both install and remove an oil filter that has a diameter of a maximum of 4-1/2 inches. It is designed with slip joints at 3 positions. The design of the product makes it efficient to quickly adjust the slip joint.

With teeth and an adjusting slip joint, it can remove the oil filters from even a slippery and oily surface. The handle is provided with a soft grip, which is comfortable and has anti-slip properties.

It is durable and reliable as well. The long length of the handle makes it easy for the wrench to reach many difficult places. It is difficult to remove the oil cap using this wrench due to the width of the cap.

The wrench fits perfectly on sedans, hatchbacks and SUV filters.

Lisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool Review

Lisle 6300 oil filter tool is good tool removing an oil filter. The diameter for which it is suitable is a minimum 2-1/2 inch and maximum up to 3-1/8 inches. This wide range makes this tool capable of removing almost all sizes of oil filters including imported cars.

The shape of the filter is round and is utilizes a steel jaw grip. The grip removes the filter without slipping at all.

The product is made in the USA. It will be a little difficult to understand the use at first but once you understand you will love the product. The complicated adjustments make it unsuitable for many people.

Motivx Tools Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Review

The Motivx tool can be used to remove oil filter with a diameter between 2.5″ – 3.25″. The tooth style design provides a better grip. It cannot be used for filter installation that adds a limitation to the product.

The product is made of different materials including chromium, nickel, and steel. The best part of the tool is that it comes with 1-year warranty. Motivx works best with canister oil filters. It is very easy to use.

Craftsman 2 pc 16″ Rubber Strap Wrench Set

Craftsman’s wrench comes with a durable rubber strap that holds on very tightly. The product comes in a set of two. The two wrenches are of different sizes. The larger wrench can be used for items up to the diameter of 6 3/8 inches while the smaller up to 4 inches.

This wrench is best used as a bottle and Jar opener. Most people prefer it as a PVC pipe opener, bottle opener and other household work like this.

In order to buy a perfect wrench, you should first check the size of your car’s oil filter. Select a wrench that is designed and suitable for the filter’s diameter. Then find out whether the product is simple to use or not.

The reliability factor is also very important, you don’t want the wrench to break after the first use. A warranty may help you trust the product more.

Final words

I personally have had to remove and install oil filters for many years. I have done this for my car, my wife’s car, and now my daughter’s cars.

But I have done that for friends and family too.

And the more I do this, the more I get to perfection removing and installing a new oil filter.

My take on this is simple. If you have the proper tool, then you are covered. But if you do not have the proper tool and the way to use it, then you’re gonna be in trouble.

So the first thing I advise you do is to be the best oil filter wrench on the market.

Then, my second piece of advice is to learn how to use the tool.

And finally, start removing the oil filter in your cars, and then friends, and family. You’ll see when you do it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it. And then you’ll be really enjoying this (maybe not). But still, you’ll save money, and when I say you’ll save, you are talking several hundred.

So, enjoy the oil wrenching tool.

And if you need anything else, please do not hesitate to browse Helpful Reviewer. If you do not find a review on the product you are looking for, just contact us, we will be happy to look into it and write a review just for you.

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