Best Brake Bleeder – Top 4 Bleeders Reviewed

You need the Best Brake bleeder if you are going to purge your braking system.

In essence, brake bleeders are DIY devices that are utilized in changing hydraulic fluids in both automobiles and motorbikes. Generally speaking, they can utilize either pressure or vacuum to get the job done.

This turns an ordinarily 2 man task into a one-man affair. As such, they do away with the need for a second individual to pump the brake pedal. Some of the finest of these products work equally well for brake and clutch pedals. Over time, the brake pedal pressure of your vehicle can become thin, which prompts the brake fluid to drop very low in the master cylinder reservoir.

Brake bleeder kits can allow you to conveniently flush out and replenish this fluid with a newer one. Alternatively, air bubbles can be pumped into the lines. As air is naturally compressible, it can begin to fashion a soft spring in-between the brake pedal and the wheels.

Bleeding flushes out these air bubbles from the brake fluid. Let us now review some of the best brake bleeder products, which are currently available in the market.

Motive Products 108 Brake System Power Bleeder Review

This device has been specifically designed for GM automobiles and trucks. It comes with a custom cap that is seamlessly compatible with Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and even Saturn models.

The whole package includes a heavy-duty 2-quart pressure tank, which can accommodate sufficient fluid to execute a full flush and bleed operation.

Along with a built-in hand pump, high precision pressure gauge, an MP1108 adapter assembly kit, a catch can, hoses and fittings.

This brake bleeder can be used with both standard or synthetic hydraulic fluids.

Amzdeal Brake Bleeder Vacuum Pump Review

The Amzdeal Brake Bleeder Vacuum Pump Kit allows for stress-free DIY brake flushing and bleeding operations.

The whole package includes a vacuum gauge, a brake bleeder adapter, a brake fluid reservoir and two, 2 feet tubes.

This kit works exceptionally well for virtually all automobile brands as well as models.

The only issue with it is the fact that it only works with DOT certified hydraulic brake fluids.

Allstar Performance ALL11017 Bleeder Bottle Review

This is yet another good example of a quality product. It integrates an extreme simplicity in design and functionality as well.

This obviously makes it one of the best suited for DIY brake bleeding tasks.

All you will have to do is open the bleed valve, attach the line, head to your vehicle’s brake pedal to pump it, and then finally close the bleed valve.

Still, some of its users have remarked that while the magnet is definitely an ingenious idea, it is too weak to be mounted effectively.

Mityvac MITMV8500 Silverline Elite Automotive Vacuum Pump Kit Review

Here is an extremely versatile vacuum brake bleeder product. Besides the brakes, it works equally well with all engine vacuum associated systems.

This includes the ignition, carburetor, fuel, cruise control, emission control, automatic transmission, and even air conditioning systems.

The pump itself has been crafted from a very durable zinc alloy die-cast metal.

The entire package comes with a vacuum gauge (graduated in inches and centimeters), a pump reservoir, transfer lid, brake bleeding adapter, test adapter, tubing, rubber cap adapter, and of course, a user manual.

Brake bleeder buying guideWhat you should look for when buying this product.

There are several important factors you need to think about when purchasing a brake bleeder kit. To begin with, consider a vacuum variety, which is considered to be superior due to its ease of use and minimal moving parts.

Always look for one with a pump pistol with a reservoir positioned in front of it. This kind of brake bleeder will be able to suck brake fluid from the lines and into the reservoir until all air bubbles are eliminated.

Also, be on the lookout for appropriate hoses and attachments included in the kit package. If you want a pressure brake bleeder, go for one with a big gallon jug, which has the necessary hoses and nozzle fittings.

You should also pick one with a gauge that reads the pressure you exert on its handle at the top of the jug. As you will be executing DIY operations, ensure the bleeder reservoir’s capacity is sufficient to catch the fluid under the caliper.

Finally, keep an eye out for handy accessories like a funnel and nitrile or latex gloves to protect your hands.

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