An oil mister is a handy refillable kitchen gadget that is used to dispense cooking oil in a pressurized spray form. The spray comes out in miniature-aimed droplets in a process called misting. It consists of a straightforward manual small hand pump built-in into a refillable oil container.

You fill up the container with your favorite condiment, tap on the lid a few times to get some pressure going, remove the primer cap, point the nozzle at your pan, or a plate of salads and press ever so lightly! The controlled pressure makes sure the oil go onto exactly the required point without messy globs, dribbling or spilling unnecessarily.

An oil mister is an excellent choice for those wishing to consume slightly less fat in their meals and salad dressings as it can economically dispense controlled amounts with each spray. The mist spray might look like it uses a lot of oil, but in fact, it is only pressurized and therefore only seems like it’s more.

With this in mind, let us look at some of the best oil misters on the market today.

The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Mister Review

Are you looking for a mister that works right out of the box with no frills. You just found it. Easy to use and works like a proper oil mister should. Giving you a steady mist spray every time without spillage, blockage or otherwise locking up, additionally, the pressure is just right with every spray – not too much or too little spraying pressure and not much time spent priming it.

Moreover, it’s a great new way to leave the worries of clogging behind. The plastic construction makes sure that it is safe to use around the kitchen without tiptoeing around your tabletop to avoid breaking it.

It also means you can clearly see exactly how much juice you have left in there.

COLE & MASON Oil & Vinegar Mister Review

Exquisitely presented, with a sleek, beautiful design to leave your guests gawking, it is a guarantee you will never have an oil spill again.

The handy oil return feature, works to collect any excess oil or accidental spillage onto the side of the can and channels it back into the main can for use – resulting in zero wastage.

This oil mister comes with an advanced filter system to prevent clogging.

Stainless steel top means easier cleaning and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty gives you the confidence to use it for a long time.

Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser – 17 Ounce Review

Are you a health and nutrition fan, who likes to measure exactly the number of teaspoons in your salad?

Here comes the perfect gadget to add to your kitchen. It’s capable of giving you specific volumes in either teaspoon, tablespoon or up to a single milliliter.

A big 17-ounce glass bottle is a perfect choice for fewer refill trips. It’s tailor-made for those who value small measurements.

The oil tube that takes the oil up is also not all the way to the bottom meaning you will always have a little left that just cannot be pumped out but the large bottle size more than makes up for this.

Prepara Healthy Eating Trigger Oil Sprayer Review

If you are looking for a no-frills technology oil mister, you just found it!

The best thing is you do not have to control the pressure yourself by tapping on a primer cap.

The spray system employs a unique trigger feature whereby a quick pull on the trigger gives you a beautiful, controlled and well-distributed mist while a slow pull produces a constant stream of oil.

Oil Mister Buying GuideHow to find the best oil mister for your needs.

A good oil mister is a perfect gadget your kitchen needs. Go ahead and treat yourself to one – you know you deserve it. You can easily economize on the amount of oil you use, but you are also able to process your meals more efficiently. The path to a clean tabletop even after you finish preparing the salad dressing starts with the best oil mister in your kitchen. Here are suitable ideas to help you jump-start your search for one.

• Check out the spray mechanism and be sure that it is a convenient type for you.

• Think about cleaning. It always helps to have dishwasher friendly parts as this reduces the amount of hand cleaning you have to do.

• Think about your lifestyle and tailor you oil mister to complement it. Do you like to experiment with different types of oils and other condiments – there is a perfect oil mister for that.

• Fit and convenience. Grab any of the above products and feel it in your hands. You are going to be using it many times and comfort are key. Look for ergonomics that are preferable to your needs.

Add more zest to your meals, go the healthy way and cut back on the amount of fat consumed. We have already done the digging for you – just grab the best oil mister for your kitchen.