Best Basting Brush Under $15 – Top 4 Brushes Reviewed

Best Basting Brushes

In this article, we take a look at the different styles of basting brushes that are available and what they can be used for.

When it comes to cooking and baking there are a lot of things that you have to have. And you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. Whether it’s making sure you have a big enough pot or the right sized tray.

However, today we’re going to focus on something a little different. We are looking at the Best Basting brushes For Cooking. Some of us don’t use a basting brush, others don’t know the differences between the different basting brushes that are available. So with that in mind, let’s jump right in, and find the best basting brush for you.

The three types of brushes that we are going to focus on are hardwood basting brushes, silicone basting brushes, and self-basting brushes. Below I review the top 4 basting brushes available.

Learn more about basting brushes below the reviews.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting and Pastry Brush Review

This brush is the best seller on Amazon, and rightfully so, it is a sturdy brush, by a great brand, at a great price.

The silicone bristles are heat resistant up to 600 degrees and work great for greasing hot pans.

OXO is known for having easy to handle ergonomic brushes added a nice curved feature to the handle which keeps the bristles off of your work surface.

Hard to see in the picture but this brush has a “holey” center plate that helps keep basting liquids confined for easier application and even spreading. You can even use this feature to transfer liquid from the bowl to what you are basting.

The bristles are easy to clean and odor resistant, which is a feature that hardwood brushes can’t offer. The whole brush is dishwasher safe.

Set of 4 AdeptChef Pastry Brushes Review

These AdeptChef are some of the best type of basting brushes. They are similar to the Good Grips above, but the heat resistance is only rated to 446 degrees, and do not include an angled head.

However, you get four brushes for a similar price as the OXO brand! I love the bright fun colors.

The bristles are food-grade, durable, and BPA free, all features you want to look for in a silicone brush.

Again being silicone the bristles are very easy to clean and do not retain any flavors or grease from your food.

Burstenhaus Redecker Beechwood Handle Pastry Brush Review

This German designed brush uses natural boar bristles, which are known for how well they spread liquids evenly.

This model gets high marks for not shedding its bristles which is common with other wooden models.

Burstenhaus Redecker has been making the top of the line wooden brushes for 75 years so you know you are getting a high-quality product.

This is a great brush for oil basting. I do not recommend washing this brush in the dishwasher. To clean, hand-wash, and pat dry gently with a clean towel.

A lifetime guarantee is included.

Dexas Fill-a-Bulb Refillable Basting Brush Review

This fun and unique design makes basting a breeze, and also quite fun. With this brush you get two tips.

One is a normal tip that you find on a bulb basting syringe. You also get the heat resistant silicone brush tip.

This brush is handy because you can keep track of how much liquid is being used with the clear handle that is marked with measurements.

The brush is almost a foot long and can “handle” (sorry for the pun) a large amount of liquid.

All parts of this brush are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Hardwood Best Basting Brushes

When it comes to a hardwood basting brush, you will find that it is most effective when you use it for basting oils, melted butter, and marinades.

While there are synthetic bristle alternatives available, the bristles which are on a hardwood basting brush are typically natural boar bristles.
When cleaning a hardwood basting brush, it’s important that you hand-wash it carefully. The reason for this is that it is a lot harder to get oils and sauces off of the bristles than it is with a silicone basting brush.

What to take away: If you feel as though you will be using a basting brush primarily for basting oils and such, then purchasing a hardwood basting brush is definitely worth your while.

Silicone Basting Brushes

Silicone great basting brushes are becoming more and more common than hardwood basting brushes.

With it, it is found to be most effective for basting sauces. Silicone basting brushes are a lot easier to clean than a hardwood basting brush.

While a hardwood basting brush must be carefully hand washed in order for it to be cleaned properly, a silicone basting brush can be put into your dishwasher to be cleaned.

What to take away: If on the other hand that you don’t feel as though oils and such are what you’ll be using your basting brush for but rather sauces, then a silicone basting brush is without a doubt what you’re looking for.

Self- Basting Brushes

It’s more common to find that self-basting brushes are silicone rather than hardwood.

There isn’t a lot of difference between a self-basting brush and a regular basting brush other than the main difference being that you are able to insert the basting liquid into the handle of the basting brush which can be an incredibly useful feature to have.

The only catch here is that when cleaning your basting liquid out from the inside of the brush, it can be a rather difficult task. If you struggle to clean it, my suggestion would be to leave it soaking in warm soapy water for some time before attempting to clean it any further.

To Conclude…

When you are looking into purchasing a really good basting brush, the main thing to consider is what you’re going to be using it for. If you feel as though you are going to be using the brush for basting oils and sauces, then it may be worth your while buying both hardwood and a silicone basting brush.

What makes a good brush simply depends on what you’re using it for and how you will be using it. If you are someone who tends to barbeque a lot, then a silicon brush would be the ideal brush for you as you will be using it to apply thick sauces to your meats.

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