Best Creme Brulee Torch Under $20 – Top 4 Torches Reviewed

Best Crème Brulee Torches

In this article, we take a look at some of the different crème brulee torches that are available as well as how different torches exist for various purposes.

If you enjoy baking, then the chances are that you’ve collected a small collection of equipment over the years. From the basic equipment such as food processors and cake trays, to more advanced equipment such as browning torches. Today we’re going to focus in on a piece of advanced baking equipment, the crème brulee torch. While the main purpose of it is of course for crème brulee, there is a lot more that you need to know when purchasing one of these torches, so let’s jump right in.

Some of the Best Crème Brulee Torches Available

After some research, we took a look at 4 of the crème brulee torches which stood out from the others to us.

Culinary Prestige Culinary Butane Torch Review

Now, the first thing which I’d like to address with this particular torch is that due to the high temperatures which it can reach, its uses go beyond the kitchen.

Following that, no matter what you may use this torch for safety is a number one priority and a safety switch is in place to ensure that the user is safe at all times.

If this is your first torch purchase, a guide is included to ensure that you are aware of how to use it properly. My favorite feature about this crème brulee torch is that the handle of it is equipped with a rubber grip.

This may not seem like a useful feature but believe me, compared to the metal handle which has become a standard for these torches, the grip is an incredible bonus.

Le Chef Pro Culinary Torch Review

The feature which stands out with this torch is that it provides you with two flames opposed to one, and therefore, it allows you to do tasks twice as fast and use less gas to do so.

To better that, this torch is definitely a great torch to start with if you’ve never experienced a crème Brulee torch and it is so for a variety of reasons.

This torch is incredibly easy to use due to its push-button and on top of that, the adjustable flame control contains a safety lock built-in, proving safety is a priority.

The only downside to this torch, which is incredibly minor, is that you aren’t able to view the butane level of the attached canister.

Vie De Chef Culinary Butane Torch Review

There are a variety of things which make this torch stand out from the crowd, although the one feature that makes it stand out to me is the ergonomic consideration which has been put into the design of the torch.

Getting the flame at the right angle when making crème brulee is important, and if you don’t have the ergonomic support which is necessary, this can put some strain on your wrist.

While the torch itself is a beauty, my one complaint would be how fast it uses up the butane canister. The internal canister for this torch isn’t huge and with the torch itself using a lot of butane, this downside can interfere with your baking.

Apart from this one downside which can be handled, this torch is a perfect beginner torch and with the adjustable flame control, it’s perfect for a variety of tasks.

LiBa Culinary Butane Torch Review

This last torch that I’ve taken a look at has a feature that not a lot of other crème brulee torches include, and while it’s a small feature it is possibly the most useful. A fuel gauge.

A problem among torch users is that if the internal canister is too small then they may be interrupted while they are using the torch, which can be incredibly inconvenient.

With the gauge, you are able to fill up the gauge before starting a task if necessary.

Each of these torches prove that price isn’t the only factor with a torch purchase. Each of these will get the job done while not putting you out of pocket.

Deciding Which Crème Brulee Torch to Buy

When you’re deciding on which torch is best for you, there is a lot to consider. Some of the main things to consider are:

The Style.

There are many different styles of torches available out there and while most of the torches can be used for a variety of tasks, some are only meant for specific tasks. For example, a lot of crème brulee torches out there can be used outside of the kitchen and can be used in the workshop. If you’re looking for a crème brulee torch that can be used outside of the kitchen like this, then make sure that it’s equipped to do so!

Beginner and Professional.

This is an incredibly important thing to look out for when purchasing a crème brulee torch. Some torches will include some complex features which are only meant to be handled by professionals, while others will only include the basic and necessary features. This allows for beginners to learn with the torch and get the most out of it rather than jumping in at the deep end only to find themselves confused.


Durability is something worth looking at when it comes to browning torches, although not all manufacturers indicate this as it’s a common flaw in their designs. If you are going to be using your crème brulee torch frequently and want something that will last for a while, then a long durability is a must.

Safety First.

Safety is the number one priority no matter what, especially if you have others in your home.

While most of the modern torches are equipped and have safety measures in place, some of the older models available don’t. Look out for features such as safety locks and anti-flaring, both of which are essential to a prime level of safety.

Cost Isn’t Quality.

It’s important to remember that when you’re buying a torch or any kitchen equipment for that matter, that just because something has a high price tag that doesn’t mean that it’s the best out there.

While the price is always a concern, it’s a good idea to outline what you’re looking for before considering the price.

It all comes down to what your needs are and what specifically you will be using the crème brulee torch for. Remember, you can use these torches for a lot more than just crème brulee!

To Conclude…

The bottom line is that when you’re looking to purchase the best crème brulee torch, it’s important that you take a step back and understand what you’ll be using it for.

There are hundreds of torches out there, although some are designed to favor certain tasks and therefore, the features which make it stand out more may not be as useful as they appear to be.

Understand what you’re looking for, set your limits, and take our tips above. By doing this, you’ll find the right torch for you.

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