Best Trekking Poles – Top 4 Reviewed

Trekking poles can make your trail walk much easier. Designed to keep you sturdy and upright while walking these high quality poles are also designed to be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

You can use these poles anywhere but they are especially handy on rocky or snowy terrain. I have reviewed the best trekking poles available and the results are below.

1:BAFX Anti Shock Adjustable Trail Poles - SHOP NOW

Made of lightweight, durable aluminum, the BAFX trekking poles are designed for hiking, walking and trekking. They extend from about 25.5 inches to 53 inches and come with 4 tips including 2 spares.

The poles only weigh 12 ounces each and come in three colors, blue, black and silver.

The anti-shock springs soften the impact to make your trekking more comfortable. If you hike through unstable terrain, the wrist straps will help support you.

2: Pace Maker Flip Lock Poles - SHOP NOW

The Pace Maker trekking poles are a bit pricier, and are made from higher quality materials improving the durability.

The aircraft grade aluminum poles are lightweight, and the vulcanized rubber feet will last through many trekking adventures.

The poles are made made from three telescoping sections moving from 27 to 54 inches using a flip lock technology.

Cork handles are not only durable, but they absorb sweat for a more comfortable grip. At only 10.5 ounces per pole, you won't be slowed down.

3: Cascade Mountain Carbon Fiber Poles - SHOP NOW

Enjoy easy height adjustment with the quick lock construction of the Cascade Mountain trekking poles.

The carbon fiber material results in poles that each weigh just under 8 ounces which is 35 percent lighter than most poles on the market.

Tungsten carbide tips are included for ice and other difficult terrain. It comes with a rubber cap for hiking as well as baskets for mud, sand and snow.

4: Collapsible Hiking Pole - SHOP NOW

These folding trekking poles are ideal for the occasional user or frequent traveler. They can be easily collapsed and packed away or carried when not in use or when traveling.

They fold down to 12 inches and can be adjusted from 48 inches to 53 inches when in use.

A snow and mud basket is included along with a removable rubber pole tip.

The poles are made from aluminum alloy, and they come with a water-resistant storage bag.
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