Best Impulse Sealer – Top 4 Sealers Reviewed

Whether you’re an industrial clerk or simply need a secure method of storage, impulse sealers are one of the handiest tools to have around.

This is especially true if you’re someone who frequently sells and trades goods online; not only do they keep your items free from moisture and dirt, but they allow them to look professionally packaged.

And presentation goes a long way in retail – even if it’s only a secondary job for you.

But there’s a vast world of difference between many of the available sealers on the market today. Some are simply not suitable for thicker materials such as poly sheeting, while others are too powerful for materials like paper.

We took a look at some of the top-selling impulse sealers and narrowed it down to four choices. If you’ve ever pondered which sealer might be right for you, read on…

Metronic 8 inch Impulse Bag Sealer Poly Bag Sealing Machine Review

If you’re regularly handling thicker plastic sheeting, the Metronic Impulse is ideal for you.

The unique copper transformer ensures its working life up to two times its competitors, while its eco-friendly design reduces unnecessary energy usage.

With a maximum seal thickness of 10 mils, it can handle the toughest and most impenetrable materials.

Bag-N-Seal Impulse Review

Say goodbye to packaging and storage problems forever with the Bag-N-Seal Impulse!

Made entirely of metal and teflon, and with additional heating elements that reduce warm up time, this model is capable of handling almost all of your sealing needs… effortlessly and quickly.

Yescom 12″ 300mm Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Review

Technologically advanced and versatile, with a heating element capable of sealing up to 12 inches and an automated LED shut-off indicator light the Yescom Impulse is as ideal for professional packaging needs as is for home storage.

The adjustable timer makes diverse sealing needs a snap, and its optimal design for low power usage makes it one of the least labor intensive sealers available on the market.

Goplus 12″ Heat Sealing Impulse Manual Sealer

With an electronic control circuit to control time and heat automatically, this professional strength model is also versatile and adept enough to cover the most delicate of your sealing projects.

Designed to be both long-lasting and safe, the Goplus impulse heats virtually instantly with no warm up time.

With a four-foot long power cord, this model is perfect for any portable sealing tasks!

Impulse Sealer Buying Guide – How to find the best impulse sealer for your needs!


Your first choice is to decide what you plan on using your impulse sealer for. A professional grade model is simply unnecessary for handling smaller items, and may actually damage your goods.

On the other hand, if you run a business that requires large items to be shipped frequently, a smaller mid-size model will probably not be adequate to handle bulk orders.

You’ll also have to consider what materials it can – and more importantly, can not – accommodate. PVC. Poly. Plastic. Paper. Ensuring that the sealer is capable of working with the right thickness can save you a great deal of time in the long run.


There’s always the potential chance you’re going to use your impulse sealer away from home. In such instances, it’s not always clear the distance between your surface and the nearest electrical outlet.

And while some manufacturers offer battery powered models for energy purposes, they’re not recommended due to either safety concerns or inefficient operations.

Try to ensure you have a power cord of at least 2 feet for ease of access when away from home. Doing so will save you at least short term frustration.


If you’re shipping industrial strength items, you’re probably aware of the common sense rules when it comes to safety.

And since impulse sealers are generally constructed out of metal and reach extremely high temperatures, you may wonder if there’s any potential injury that can result from their use.

Luckily, there isn’t much. Most models are designed to protect against burns, and there’s quite a few which can be operated by foot alone.

Many models come complete with automated timing controls and LED indicators. They’re generally a wise choice to invest in as different projects take different amounts of time.

Above all, shop around and read product reviews carefully as limited warranties are (by default)… limited.


While it’s true that impulse sealers have extremely different purposes and uses, that versatility shouldn’t stop you from exploring the various functions available.

The possibilities are limitless. From storage of personal goods to home crafting projects; from general household maintenance to industrial shipping.

There’s no reason for any of your packaging to look amateur. Now more than ever, the need to present a professional image is fundamental.

No one likes receiving an item that looks like it was designed by a junior high shop class. And impulse sealers can bring you one step closer to projecting that professional image.

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