Best Hamster Bedding – Top 4 Types of Bedding Reviewed

If you have a hamster, then you need the Best Hamster Bedding to make it happy. Here are the Top 4 Types of Bedding Reviewed with Carefresh, Small Pet Select, and two of Kaytee’s best products for your hamster.

Hamsters. They’re not just a relatively low maintenance pet option suitable for kids. Let’s face it. Hamsters are simply adorable, whether you’re 6, 16 or 67. The beady eyes.

The upturned snout. The heart-melting whiskers. The Sisyphean drama of watching the weanling little critters run desperately inside a wheel spinning endlessly around with no hope of escaping its cruel and pitiless rotation. Simply… adorable.

What’s not so adorable? The smell.

Have you ever let the odor build-up without adequate defense?

Remember Sunday night dinners with your mildly senile grandma? Not exactly a veritable cornucopia of olfactory pleasure, was it?

Hamster bedding. It’s about more than just superior odor protection. It’s about the health and safety of your pet as much as it’s about your own sanity. So what matters for you and any person owning a hamster is to get a safe hamster bedding.

And just like life insurance plans or a car, all are not created equal. If you really think that the economy brand blend is going to make much less of a difference than a brand from a reputable company, Binky would beg to differ. So would your nose.

We took a look at some of the more popular brands on the market and were shocked to find that there’s a veritable wealth of difference when it comes to hamster bedding.

Your mother probably raised no fool; neither did Binky’s mother. Here’s how we narrowed it down to the top four choices…

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding Review

Specially designed for all small animals (including rabbits, guinea pigs and even ferrets), Carefree offers 10-Day odor control and has been proven three times more absorbent than shavings.

Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly and made from and 100% sustainable, recycled wood fiber.

With a unit that expands up to 50 liters, this bedding has been tested to be virtually dust-free for no-mess cleanup.

Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Bedding Review

Designed both by and for small pet enthusiasts, this bedding is all natural, unbleached and guaranteed to be 100% safe for your pet.

The bag can expand up to three times its packaged size, and clean up is guaranteed to be a breeze with this absorbent, recyclable and compostable natural paper bedding.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding Review

Not just for hamsters anymore! Kaytee Clean & Cozy is perfect for all your small indoor friends.

With guaranteed odor control and 99.9% dust-free, this bedding can absorb up to 6 times more weight than similar competitors on the market.

Fluffy enough for burrowing, nesting or tearing yet durable enough to withstand weeks of pet waste.

Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Habitat Tray Review

Kaytee’s done it again with this perfect companion for all your bedding disposal needs!

Quick, easy, reusable and with a no-mess clean up, this recyclable bedding tray comes with an added bonus of being available in a 3-pack preloaded with Kaytee Clean & Cozy bedding for extra savings.

Hamster Bedding Buying Guide

I am sure you’ve been asking yourselves this question:

What’s the best bedding for hamsters?

Well, here’s how to find the best hamster bedding for your needs!

The right material really can make all the difference. Cheaper, easier to clean material such as wood shavings can be highly toxic for many pets, to speak nothing of sharp pieces that can cause injury.

Dust from cheaper materials can also cause serious respiratory problems, especially for small pets. A good solution is to look for materials that are guaranteed at least 97% dust-free.

Another solution is to ensure that the material is all-natural, as this is not only safer for many pets but is friendlier on the environment.

Another issue with materials such as wood shavings is absorbability. As we mentioned earlier, the smell can be positively horrifying and cheaper materials simply can’t provide superior odor protection.

There are many manufacturers on the market that offer guaranteed odor control, but just how reliable are their guarantees? After all, you may not read the fine print when purchasing a car; why would it be any different when you’re in the market for hamster bedding?

This is where speaking to other small pet owners and reading product reviews can come in much handier. Typically, they speak the language of experience, not marketing. And experience is the only universal language!

Newspaper for hamster bedding

We want to ensure that you do not do this mistake. A lot of people think that using a Newspaper for hamster bedding is a great option. But have you really thought about your hamster? Or you just thought about yourselves, saving a couple of dollars.

What we want you to know is that a newspaper bedding is not a good option for your hamster. It is simply lethal.

Think of it a little. Would you sleep on a piece of paper that had plenty of dangerous ink? The paper used for any newspaper is not dangerous in itself, but the ink is.

The black ink used to print out a newspaper is not good for us. In fact, you hear people saying “did you wash your hand” after you read a newspaper. So, if this is the reaction that people have just after putting down the paper, then there should be a good reason for it.

And the reason is that ink is dangerous when absorbed in quantities. And guess what, you’ll be putting you little cute hamster in direct contact with a deadly agent. Why on earth would you do so?

So our best advice is to avoid doing so. Yes, you’ll be happy to not buy bedding and saving a couple of dollars, but then you’ll turn into a killer. You’ll be the one responsible for killing your hamster in the most horrible way, that is poisoning at a slow pace. Poor little would not even have a way to tell you this.

We hope you got the point and we leave you in peace with your next decision that will save your hamster’s life.


When it comes to your pet, they rely on you for more than just adequate comfort. They rely on you for safety. For a home. For defense. And for love. And you rely on them just as much for that same sense of love.

What you don’t rely on… is their waste. It’s an unpleasant task, but a task nonetheless. And you owe it to yourself to choose the best and most reliable products available. And yes… you owe it to Binky, as well.

Please do not hesitate to browse helpful reviewer. We are sure that you’ll find some great readings. And if you do not find what you are looking for, then please contact us with your needs.

We would be delighted to investigate, test and produce a review just for you.

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