Best Brush for Golden Retrievers – Top 4 Brushes Reviewed

Perhaps we’re biased, but there’s simply no more handsome dog on the face of the planet than a golden retriever. The long, amber coat. The proud, attentive snout. The solidly built bone structure. The vigorous wag of the tail. The warmth and affection when you come home after a heart day to find them fetching your favorite pair of slippers. Indeed, the golden retriever is less a canine than a prince. Perhaps, not entirely. No, the golden retriever is a king.

But even man’s best king knows the value of proper grooming etiquette. A king must keep his appearance up at all times. No matter how inconvenient it might seem for the both of you. Because without it?

Knotty brambles. Mangy, shaggy fur. Tangles that not even Harry Houdini could get himself out of.

But it’s worse. Not only is their appearance affected by a lack of regular grooming, but their general body buildup is, as well. They become sluggish. Inattentive. Lazy. Hardly kingly traits. But to make matters worse, without regular grooming your dog becomes the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of fleas, ticks… and even parasites.

We took a look at many of the brushes for golden retrievers currently available on the market and not surprisingly, they are not created equal. Neither are kings.

So how do you choose which one is right for your dog? Read our handy guide to help you select. But before you do, let’s take a look at some of the best sellers on the market first.

Parateck Dog Grooming Glove Shedding Brush Mitt Review

One of the quickest and most hassle-free ways of cleaning your golden retriever is by use of a brush mitt.

A vigorous swipe can help untangle even the most stubborn of knots.

This particular brush mitt comes with a stainless steel pin design perfect for all coat types; before, during and after a bath.

A useful adjustable velcro strap fits to almost any size wrist. This is a great way to massage your retriever and help soothe him through the experience.

fenfen Pet Undercoat Rake Review

The undercoat is one of the most neglected, and subsequently trickiest, places to groom your dog.

And while this undercoat rake may look like an old style barber’s tool, it’s really quite an effective way of dematting your retriever painlessly and efficiently.

The rounded blade edges are quite pleasant to the touch and are made of strong stainless steel for maximum durability.

HappyDogz Pet Grooming Shedding Brush Review

An ergonomic handle helps make this shedding brush perfect to reach those hard to find contours, while the detachable shedding blade help makes clean up a much simpler occasion.

Rounded edges feel almost like a massage for your retriever, and it works as well on short hair dogs as it does on long haired ones.

Evolution Grooming Undercoat Rake with Rotating Teeth Review

We were just as shocked as you when we saw this undercoat rake came with rotating teeth.

But we were even more shocked when we saw how effectively the teeth pulled through the coat without damage or effort.

Definitely one of the more revolutionary undercoat rakes on the market, and one that can be as fun an experience for the both of you as it is relaxing.

A Buyer’s Guide to Golden Retriever Brushes

There are several different types of brushes available for your retriever. The main ones to keep in mind are:

Slicker Brushes

These are used to keep your dog’s fur organized. We should emphasize that they’re meant to be used on the fur. Don’t dig too deep, or you’ll accidentally brush skin; not likely to be a pleasant experience for either of you. Brush the upper portion of their fur until you see the mat loosening up.


Make certain when you comb your dog to do so very gently. You don’t want to damage their fur. We suggest combing horizontally and then vertically, as this typically lessens any potential damage that may occur.

Bristle Brushes or Mitts

As we said earlier, we generally find mitts to be more effective and a good way to enjoy hands-on bonding with your retriever. They’re softer than a slicker brush but also stronger; which is why you have to be careful you don’t accidentally wind up removing too much of their fur.

Undercoat Rakes

A standard slicker or bristle brush simply won’t get at your dog’s undercoat; and frequently, this is one of the areas that needs the most attention. You want to essentially rake it in the direction of the original growth of the undercoat; firmly but gently.

In conclusion, we all like to think of our dogs as essentially self cleaning devices. They might be, and frankly some of them can get away with it. But the golden retriever? A king needs his armor as much as he needs his servants, after all.

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