Best Golf Hitting Net – Top 4 Nets Reviewed

It’s a sad truth that many of us are never going to want to hear, but some of us simply weren’t born to be Tiger Woods. We might perfect our stance; perfect our backswing; even splurge a small fortune on the finest top of the line wedges and irons money can be. But without that raw, driving talent? You simply won’t get there.

But it’s also true that for many of us, it’s not about the competition. It’s about the game. And nothing perfects the game quite like practice.

Like it or not, we can’t spend all our time at courses. Not even the most seasoned veterans. There are times in which, for whatever purposes, you’re going to need to practice at home. Especially if you’re just starting out. But if you you’ve done so without a golf hitting net and haven’t accidentally cracked a window? Perhaps you might be ready for the pros one day, after all.

While it’s true that golf hitting nets can help hone your swing and perfect your drive, it’s equally true that models vary considerably in quality. And there’s numerous deciding factors to take into consideration before purchasing. We’ll review some of the things to look for, but before we do we’ll take a look at some of the more popular brands currently available on the market.

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net Review

Endorsed by SEC Coach Chris Haack, this indoor/outdoor golf net features 4-ply knotless netting and a lifetime warranty.

Lightweight and easy to break down enough to be portable, it’s equally effective as a stationary golf net.

While the size may seem intimidating, the ball roll back feature is convenient and effortless.

Galileo 10’x6.5’x6′ Golf Driving Hitting Net with Target Review

Available in four different sizes and with a pop-up set up, this self-contained net helps ensure a direct ball roll back that neither bounces nor strays.

Ideal for portable transport and storage, the fiberglass support rod is sturdy and reliable, and the shell like design can break down and be set up in the quickest of time.

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net Review

A budget-friendly net, but nevertheless high-performance.

There’s a removable target for better aim, and a lightweight and easily portable frame made of fiberglass and steel.

And while the two-ply net is interwoven, there is no ball return feature; perhaps the only downside of this otherwise reliable and affordable net.

OUTROAD 7x7ft Portable Golf Hitting Pitching Practice Net Review

A 5 strand net ensures no matter how hard the swing, automatic ball roll back is achieved, while the uniform height and width allow for maximal aim and concentration.

Lightweight and extremely easy to set up, this is a stable and serious contender at a fraction of the standard cost.

A Buyer’s Guide to Golf Hitting Nets

One of the chief advantages of a golf hitting net is that it is easily suited for both indoors and outdoors; which means you can perfect your swing and drive even in the most adverse conditions. Because it’s portable, most models offer minimal setup; but you may find that cheaper models offer convenience at the sake of durability. Take time to review both the material of the support frame as well as the net. Chances are, you’re going to be using these for a long period of time. A flimsily strung net isn’t likely to maintain shape for very long, while a tightly stretched net isn’t likely to absorb much impact. Look for a net with multiple netting layers. And try to avoid plastic frames at all costs; fiberglass is much more likely to last you a sufficient time.

Most people tend to prefer features in the design of the net which allow for automatic ball roll back, as this saves the convenience of waiting for dispensers or carrying buckets back and forth. This may not be the case with you, but if it is try to make sure the features of your net allow for it. You also may or may not find a detachable target to be useful in your practice; again, some models allow for it while others don’t.

It’s easy to question whether or not your swing was on point while using a golf net as opposed to playing on a fairway. The key to a net isn’t whether or not you succeeded in playing all 18 holes as much as perfecting your swing. Similarly to a piano player who has to practice scales countless of times before they’ve perfected it, skill in the game of golf simply doesn’t come overnight.

In conclusion, no one is expecting you to join the PGA overnight; or frankly, even at all. As we said earlier, it’s about the game. But with the game comes practice. And there are times in which practice at the course might not seem worth the time and money. Think of the golf net as your coaching assistant.

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