Best Beach Tent for Babies – Top 4 Tents Reviewed

If you have a family, you can have a good time while at the beach. Think about it, you can relax to the sound of waves, all while being in the outdoors.

However, if you are at the beach all day, you will want a tent, and here are a few reasons why you should bring one on your next family day at the beach.

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1:Shade Shack Family Beach Shelter - SHOP NOW

Built by Shade Shack this pop-up beach tent is ultimate tent for a small family. Designed to make your day at the beach worry free this tent is one piece and pops up in seconds. No assembly required.

A short instruction DVD is included, but I don't find that to be necessary.

This tent has a protective coating similar to sunscreen that is rated at 30+ UPF

Unlike the other tents there is no floor. You will need to decide if that is important or not. Without a floor your kids can dig and play in the sand while being covered, but with a floor your possessions will stay relatively sand-free.

Dimensions: 90" (L) X 53" (W) X 51" (H)

2: Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent - SHOP NOW

Built by Genji Sports this beach shelter will self expand in one second and folds down in 3 seconds! Weighing in at only 4 pounds this shelter will be easy to carry to the beach.

This shelter is great for the mothers with nursing babies who want a bit of privacy. Two screened in windows have outer flaps that can be rolled up or down depending on how private you would like to be.

The tent can be secured by the four included plastic stakes, or by simply filling the sand back pockets on both of the side panels.

All 3 sides and the floor are made from a durable nylon cloth. A UPF 50+ coating protects the outer three sides.

Dimensions: 83" (L) X 52" (W) X 50" (H)

3: Quick Cabana - SHOP NOW

A slightly pricier, and at six pounds slightly heavier option is the Quick Cabana by Lightspeed Outdoors. Built to be portable and durable this shelter pops up and tears down ultra fast using integrated poles.

This tent with floor is great for families with babies or small children, as it is quite deep and there is plenty of room to move around in.

With three windows the Quick Cabana has one more window than the other reviewed tents. The UPF 50+ coating will make your day at the beach with your family a pleasant one.

Dimensions: 96" (L) X 55" (W) X 50" (H)

4: Shadezilla - SHOP NOW

Coming in with the best sun protection rating at UPF 100+ the Shadezilla cabana rounds out the top 4.

This shelter is more difficult to set up but still is a great shelter. I love that unlike the other tents the Shadezilla has two gear pockets in the back wall to protect your valuables and the windows are zippered rather than roll-up.

Weighs in at 3.5 pounds and includes a matching carrying case.

Dimensions: 104" (L) X 54" (W) X 48" (H)

[/wptab] [wptab name=’Beach Tent Buying Guide’]A beach day is a fun day, and you can make it more enjoyable if you bring a tent as you can stay in the shade and away from the wind and cold, all while enjoying a high level of privacy.

Below read up on some reasons why a beach tent would benefit you and your family.

The sun: When sitting in the sun for a few hours, you and your baby can get sunburned. Even if it’s not visible, the damage from the sun is real, and it can cause you pain later on.

beach tent 1

Not only that, if you are in the sun and get sunburned, you are going to have to deal with it, especially if you have a baby. But, if you want to enjoy the beach and not slather on sunscreen all day or hide under an umbrella, you can bring a tent and lounge around in it.

Most beach tents even have an SPF rating, similar to sunscreen.

The wind: When at the beach, a lot of people forget that it gets really windy. If you are sitting on the sand, it can whip you in your face and cause you pain and aggravation.

It’s even worse if you have a baby as he or she will have a hard time coping with the sand flying at their face. With a well-placed tent, you can avoid this and have more fun. best beach tent for babies

The cold: If you imagine a day at the beach, you aren’t going to think of the cold. But, if you get out of the water, you are going to be cold if the air temperature is below 75 or so. But, with a tent, you can stay warm with ease.

Privacy: Finally, if you have a baby and you bring him or her to the beach, you will want some privacy. Whether you want to breastfeed a baby or change their diaper, you will have an easier time with a tent.

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