Best Splatter Screens for Cooking – Top 4 Spatter Screens Reviewed

Get the Best Splatter Screens for Cooking. If you cook in oil or boiled water then you need one of the Top 4 Spatter Screens. Here is the Review of 4 splatters.

A splatter screen is a device used when cooking with a frying pan or a pot, and its main function is to keep hot oil in the pot.

This kitchen darling is usually circular so as to fit the shape of a frying pan or a cooking pot. Below I have reviewed the 4 best splatter screens available today.

Calphalon 13″ Splatter Guard Review

This is a 13-inch cooking oil splatter guard from the trusted Calphalon brand. It is designed to stop oil from splattering on the stove, the surrounding countertops and you.

It fits pans and pots ranging from 8 to 13 inches in size and it has a stay-cool silicone handle that is not only protective but also stable.

It is constructed using stainless steel, and this makes it easy to clean and assures it will not rust. This splatter guard is also dishwasher safe.

Culina 13″ Best Splatter Screens For Cooking

This is a 13-inch splatter screen from Culina, made of Stainless Steel Fine Mesh. It will keep you safe when frying if you are deterred by splatter when cooking meals.

It is designed with a sleekness and sophistication, which makes the task of frying a pure joy. It fits all standard size pots or pans, and it has a handle that protects your hands from the heat.

The handle is secured well, has a gold lining, which enhances its design and assures you can always maintain a firm grip.

RSVP Endurance 15″ Splatter Screen Review

This splatter screen is made of double fine mesh stainless steel. It has a long handle to offer double protection from both the heat and the splatter of hot oil when taking it on and off of pots.

In addition to protecting you, it will prevent a mess on your countertop, stove top as well as your kitchen walls.

It costs a bit more than the other screens, but you will find it worth every penny.

Norpro 13-Inch Splatter Screen Review

This 13-inch splatter screen is made by Norpro. It is constructed using an aluminum fine mesh screen, which is ingenuously made to prevent sizzling oil from the frying pan making the frying of food an easy process.

It doubles as a strainer and a colander. You can therefore use it to put food in and take food out of the pot and drain fried foods in it.

The only disadvantage to this splatter screen is that you must wash it by hand as it cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Splatter Screen Buying Guide

Many people have never heard of a splatter screen before, but once they hear what it is and how it works, they can’t imagine how they ever lived without one!

What is a Splatter Screen?

The main function of a splatter screen is to keep hot oil in the pan or pot you are cooking or frying with.

It has a handle, so you can keep your distance when putting it on or taking it off the pot or the frying pan. Splatter screens for frying are normally made of aluminum or stainless steel wire mesh or a metal sheet, which has numerous perforations that allow the steam to exit from the pan but small enough so that oil is not allowed to jump out of the pan.

Sizes usually vary. The 13-inch size fits most pots and pans, but you can also get those that are 15, 14, 12, 11, 10 and 9 inches in size.

Why You Need To Use One

The splatter screen cuts down on a lot of the clean up that is usually necessary when you fry. They also prevent permanent damage to your kitchen as the oil will leave stains that can’t be removed.

However, most importantly, hot droplets of oil can be really dangerous because they can cause burns if they land on your skin. The splatter screen has all that covered, and with it, you do not have to worry about stains and burns.

Since the material used to make the splatter screen is stainless steel, you are assured that it can withstand daily usage. Simply put, this tool should last you a long time.

Additionally, this is the perfect apparatus to play the role of a lid but is more convenient when checking food because it is similar to an uncovered pan or a glass lid since you can see through. Lastly, it can be washed easily with a simple swipe of a dish sponge and then rinsed.

However, it is important that you let it dry completely before using it as a shield when frying so that the water from it doesn’t create unnecessary splattering.

Final words

Now that you know some of the best splatter screens for cooking, you can just buy the one that suits you best.

And if you did not find the review of the splatter you wanted, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Helpful Reviewer. We would be delighted to produce a review just for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy cooking, even with a stove if need be. There’s nothing better than the old ways, I can tell you that.

Speak soon anyway.

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