Best Snowmobile Lift – Top 4 Lifts Reviewed

The best snowmobile lift is a device that is very handy to have at home but that very few know about it. It is also a device that very few use, though it can save you from a lot of backaches.

Storing your snowmobile should not be hard for you. You can easily save your back by using a snowmobile lift. A snowmobile lift is a simple machine that helps you work on and store your snowmobile easily. Your back will thank you!

A snowmobile lift does make working on your snowmobile much easier by bringing the snowmobile up to the preferred comfortable height so that you do not have to strain. It also does take the stress off the track lugs and rear suspension during prolonged storage.

Below I review the best snowmobile lifts on the market.

Extreme Max 5800.1066 PRO Snowmobile Lift with Wheel Kit Review

This is a heavy-duty lift that is packed with professional-grade features that you would appreciate. A powder-coated frame made of steel is built around its heavy-duty jack and uses a grade 5 rubber lift and hardware cushions.

The included wheel kit means you can roll your snowmobile all-around your garage.


• has got 1,000 lb. capacity frame and a heavy-duty 5,000 lb. with a jack of 3/8″ socket lifts sleds quickly and evenly.

• contains rubber lift cushions, durable red powder coat and finished tip-up supports

• It is given a top flexibility with a 28″ lift height and a collapsed height of 5-1/2

• Includes wheel kit and lift handle

• has got a 2-year replacement warranty

Extreme Max EXLLS Snowmobile Lever Lift Stand Review

This is a nice and well-built snowmobile lift and it’s made of a thick heavy steel. This is a really great back saver.


• has got a 2-year replacement warranty

• Includes a lift handle

• contains rubber lift cushions

• measures 23.5 by 16.9 by 3.9 inches

Unfortunately, this lift does not work on a 2009-2011 Arctic Cat M-series since the bumper doesn’t hang out to the end of a snowmobile.

Black Ice Snowmobile Jack Body Lift with Dolly Wheels Review

This is one of the more outstanding snowmobile lifts that you should consider. lifts up to 700 lbs. maximum. This lift operates with a pulley system and a hand-crank that enables you to easily raise your snowmobile for easy servicing. It also features rubber-padded contact points for helping to prevent scratches and undercarriage dents from lifting.

The system also does include a foot-operated safety latch for holding the stand in place.


• Has a maximum of 700 lbs. in capacity

• Contains a hand-crank winch operation and a pulley system for lifting a snowmobile

• It’s constructed with a heavy-duty steel design with black paint finish

• It’s built for smooth floor surfaces and has built-in 1.625″D steel dolly wheels

• The sled lift frame measures 28.25″ high

This is an easy to assemble machine. Feel free to try the different ways in order to see the better style. Overall a good product for the price, great customer service.

Rage Powersports SNO-1509 Snowmobile Dolly Cart Review

This is a full snowmobile lift, hoist, and dolly cart system that is majorly contained with large pneumatic wheels. It is actually very easy to use. It has got large pneumatic tires that provide excellent traction. It is ideal for garages and shop floors.

Something amazing about the lift is that it’s easy to put together and does allow you to move your snowmobile alone and even outside on any bumpy ground. Even though it takes a good amount of effort, you can at least move it.


• Has got 2 Large pneumatic tires that are great for shop and garage floors

• Designed for lifting snowmobiles ranging from 26.375″ to 39.5″ wide

• It’s easy to use and has a handle measuring 35″ long

• It includes an adjustable hook-end strap and a rubber lift pads

Heavy-duty steel construction with a black paint finish; some assembly required

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