Best Pulse Oximeter – Top 4 Oximeters Reviewed

A pulse oximeter is a small, lightweight monitor attached to a patient’s fingertip to measure the amount of oxygen in the body. Doctors prescribe the gadget to patients suffering from COPD (asthma and other respiratory illnesses), chronic conditions like cancers, anemia, heart problems, etc. to monitor the oxygen saturation level at home, during social activities or exercise.

Athletes like mountain climbers, bikers, scuba divers and aviation providers like pilots also use the device.

Pulse oximeters also assist doctors to decide whether the patient’s COPD is improving. Doctors prescribe different pulse oximeters to different patients depending on their oxygen saturation target.

The ideal oxygen saturation rate should be over 90% in all activities. Our discussion will review the four best pulse oximeters for home use, and their features.

Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

The Santamedical Gen 2 Pulse Oximeter features upgraded internal electronics for improved durability. The FDA approved device is designed to accurately measure the oxygen saturation of the arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate. It comes with a self-adjusting finger clamp to fit different sizes of fingers.

Its small portable size is convenient for athletes and pilots who need to obtain accurate oxygen saturation readings fast.

Note that Santamedical Gen 2 Pulse Oximeter is designed for sports and aviation use only to allow spot checks of blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates for users, who engage in mountain climbing, running and other high-altitude activities.


Bright LED multi-directional display: the rotatable LED display allows users to view real-time readings of the pulse rate and the SpO2 level in any direction. It gives users the option of bar or wave graph reading for the pulse rate.

· Integrated SpO2 probe and display module for accurate and reliable readings.

· Over 30 hours of continuous monitoring with the 2 AAA batteries.

· Low battery level signal and an automatic power off switch after ten seconds.

· Hanging neck/wrist strap for users on the move.

Acc U Rate Pro Series CMS 500DL Review

Manufactured according to FDA and CE standards, the Acc U Rate Pulse Oximeter (Pro Series) is designed for pilots, athletes, mountain climbers, bikers and other users on the go who need to monitor their PR and SpO2 levels. The pulse oximeter features a LED display that faces the user for easier reading. Users can view readings within 10 seconds with the upgraded internal hardware and software components.


· Accurate and reliable SpO2 and pulse rate readings displayed on the large digital LED display.

· Pro Series: manufactured according to FDA and CE standards for pulse oximeters and features significant hardware and software upgrades compared to previous models.

· The finger chamber has a Self-Adjusting Spring System to accommodate finger sizes for all ages.

· Extras: 2 AAA batteries (for out of the box use), a silicon cover to protect the device from dirt and damage as well as a lanyard.

· Has a 12-month warranty.

Concord Medical Pulse Oximeter Review

The fingertip pulse oximeter from Concord Health Supply displays your SpO2, pulse rate, and strength. It shows the readings on the large LED display (bright red) visible in the dark and the light. The device is ideal for both children and adults and is specially designed for sports and aviation use. Additionally, the gadget arrives in a re-usable customized foam padded box.


· Low battery indicator

· Uses 2 AAA batteries to provide over 30 hours of continuous use.

· Has a two-year warranty period.

· The package comes with batteries, a carrying case, protective cover and a lanyard.

· Comes in blue, yellow, pink and green colors.

AccuMed CMS-50DL Review

The CMS 50-DL pulse oximeter is another FDA approved blood oxygen saturation spot check device. The gadget shows accurate and reliable readings(+/-2% for SpO2, +/-2 BPM for pulse rate) and has an interference resistance against the effect of ambient light. It’s also user-friendly and comes 45-degree adjustable spring hinge to help fit adult-size fingers.

Though it ranks as one of the best pulse oximeters, the low-grade plastic material may be a turn-off for some users.


· LED display with low power consumption and an automatic power-off function after five seconds of inactivity.

· Quick and accurate pulse rate and SpO2 readings.

· 2 AAA batteries that allow over 40 hours of continuous battery life.

· A low power indicator.

· Lightweight (1.8 pounds only) and a carrying case.

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