Best Hot Glue Gun Under $17 – Review of the Top 4 Glue Guns

A hot glue gun is a gun shaped tool often used in craft projects. It is loaded with sticks of solid glue, which it melts as it heats up, and is applied.

The glue it expels can be very hot, so care should be taken not to burn yourself as you use a hot glue gun. They are portable, but often need to be plugged into a power outlet.

What is it used for?
A hot glue gun is used for gluing things together. Often, it is used to simply join modeling materials or pieces of cloth together.

At other times, it is used to hold larger materials together such as pieces of wood. The main use of a hot glue gun is to hold together small craft projects.

BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Review

This hot glue gun has received incredibly positive reviews. With the high amounts of power allowed into this gun with the 100W heater, it is extremely fast at heating up.

This means that you only have to plug it in for a few minutes in order to get started on your project right away.

The nozzle is not too narrow, but it allows for very accurate movements, even on small items. The temperature range is huge and customizable, a definite advantage for those who want to do cold applications.

It has no problem with tipping over, which can be a major hassle for sensitive projects such as art projects.

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun Review

The CCbetter hot glue gun has amazing reviews too, with almost a perfect rating. It is the best seller in this category, and the reasons why are clear. It heats up in just under 5 minutes, meaning you won’t have to wait around to get started on your next project.

One disadvantage is that after around a month or two of heavy usage, it may stop working. However, for more occasional use, it will work fine and is perfect for small craft projects.

The nozzle allows precision and accuracy, so you can do projects with fine details.

BEST Hot Glue Gun Review

Great reviews and a solid performance put this glue gun in 3rd place.

This is the small glue gun which is appropriate for projects around the house, not on a commercial scale.

It comes with a wire stand and 25 sticks of glue to make your life and use of the gun easier. If you expect a large glue gun, this one is not right for you.

However, it will do the job you want it to, if you simply want to complete small craft projects and fix the odd household item.

Surebonder GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun Review

In fourth place is this helpful and functional hot glue gun, which is also on the small side.

However, it heats up incredibly fast and allows you to complete intricate and detailed gluing work.

The durability of this glue gun may be questionable, as some found that it ceased to work after just a few weeks of use.

I recommend this gun if you don’t plan to use it all the time, it is a cheaper option, and the craftsmanship is not as high.

Buying GuideFinding the best hot glue gun for your needs.

Buying a hot glue gun can be tricky, but if you know what you’re looking for, you should be able to find the right one for your purposes.

The factors that you should consider are the availability of refill glue sticks in your town, time to heat up, temperature range, and working effectiveness.

Something to avoid is a glue gun which tips over easily, as this can ruin your good work.

There are a lot of glue gun options out there and many are very similar. But if you plan to use your gun a lot go with a higher price, higher quality gun you will appreciate the durability the more you use it.

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