Best Extra Large Salad Spinner – Save Time, Dry Quickly

More people are getting reacquainted with simple, real foods like leafy vegetables and other salad greens in an effort to improve their quality of life.

Healthy eating is an investment that many consider worthwhile for themselves and their families. For these people, a salad spinner becomes a staple appliance in their kitchens.

Below I review the four best extra large salad spinners that will make a welcome addition to your kitchen!

Brieftons Salad Spinner, 7.3 Quart Review

The Brieftons Salad Spinner is one of the best kitchen products on the market.

Made from premium and safe materials, this innovative salad spinner features an ergonomic pump handle that can be easily used by kids and adults during occasions such as fun birthday parties or everyday meal times.

Equipped with centrifugal high speed spinning technology, the product spins the lettuce dry in seconds so that users can spend less time preparing food and more time dining with loved ones.

As one of the largest salad spinner in the industry, the item contains a 7.3-quart bowl, which is perfect for big families or events.

OXO Good Grips Green Salad Spinner Review

Inspired by a children’s top, the OXO Good Grips Green Salad Spinner is most known for a simplistic pump-style vertical design, which encourages people of all ages and abilities to use the product regularly.

Another unique feature of this excellent kitchen accessory is the continuous turning in the same direction to allow the salad spinner basket to achieve a higher speed than competitor products.

Not only will users really enjoy pressing down on the pump, the process will result in the driest and crispest lettuce possible.

The salad spinner is secured with a non-slip ring bonded to the bottom of the bowl so that the product remains secure while using with one hand.

Indy Chef Large 5.0 Quart Bowl Review

The Indy Chef Salad Spinner is expertly designed to provide users with safe and fresh lettuce.

Moreover, this salad spinner is one of the best kitchen tools for creating purified and nutritious cuisines.

Because produce is often treated with potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, this product protects overall health and well-being by removing these contaminants from vegetables in seconds.

The Indy Chef Salad Spinner can help create fun, fast, and simple meals that every member in the family is sure to enjoy.

Also included in the order is a convenient storage lid that enables the user to store unused produce in the salad spinner bowl.

20 Liter/5 Gallon Large Commercial Salad Spinner Review

The Large Commercial Salad Spinner by Eurodib is one of the most efficient products for a busy kitchen or cafeteria.

The depth of the long inside basket stem is 5 gallons and, as a result, the salad spinner can accommodate roughly six to eight heads of lettuce at a time.

Another highlight of the product is the anti-lock system, which secures the lid in place while the contents are rapidly spinning.

This revolutionary feature helps employees satisfy the demands of their customers in a timely manner.

The large salad spinner is also great for catering events as the top handle collapses for easy storage in a vehicle.

This item is the preferred choice for businesses in the food industry or for those who host big functions.

Why Buy A Salad Spinner?

After thoroughly washing vegetables, delicate leafy greens appear wilted, and their texture is less appealing for family style meals.

A salad spinner allows both amateur and professional food preparers to serve up salads that are crisp, fresh and delicious. Here are some features of popular salad spinners for those who have decided to eliminate water logged salads from their menus for good.

While salad spinners are undoubtedly amazing gadgets, the ones used by couples when they first start to keep house are often no match for a growing family. Subsequently, many householders set aside their three-quart spinners and splurge on extra large versions of this handy appliance.

The larger salad spinners generally accommodate about six to seven quarts of vegetables, and they can be used to conveniently wash as well as dry the produce.

Ease of use, stability and the capability to dry all types of greens are the key characteristics for which to look when shopping for jumbo salad spinners.

For example, modern salad spinners feature push button spinning starters that make older pull string starters seem needlessly labor intensive.

While the inherently eco-friendly kitchen gadget maintains its manual design, manufacturers continue to improve upon the technology used within the device.

The extra large salad spinners’ rapid motion in one direction allows for more efficient drying action than previous models. Also, oversized salad spinner models that have wider bases offer more food prep stability during use.

Extra large salad dryers are available for commercial chefs who prepare food for an army of folks as well as home makers who feel like they do.

These salad spinners come in models that accommodate five gallons of produce or ones that can effectively dry 26 pounds of greens.

The five-gallon spinners normally are constructed of heavy duty plastic and are spun via hand cranks at the top of the appliances.

Consumer reviews favor commercial salad spinner brands that offer stabilizing feet, rubberized legs or gripping suction cups that prevent the spinners from slipping and sliding on slick countertop surfaces.

Larger commercial salad spinners are often constructed of plastic and stainless steel, and many are started and stopped electronically through digital control panels.

There are many alternate uses for salad spinners that include kids’ art projects and quick removal of excess moisture from rinsed pasta.

Washing delicates and spinning them dry is another popular use for the large salad spinner models. Also, those who enjoy camping often find room in the car for this handy low-tech washer and dryer.

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