Best Wood Moisture Meter Under $24 – Review of the Top 4 Meters

Moisture meters allow you to measure moisture in all your woodworking and flooring projects. It is an essential instrument when it comes to homes and other buildings.

They help in identifying potential problems and damages to wood structures due to moisture buildup. Moisture is a concern at all stages of wood processing.

These include wood milling, dry kilns, floor installation and furniture crafting. A good moisture meter should enable you to make accurate moisture measurements with speed and ease. Below are some of the best wood moisture meters.

Dr. Meter MD-812 Digital Wood Moisture Meter Review

Dr. Meter MD-812 provides accurate moisture readings by probing hidden leaks in wood, carpets, plasters and sub-floors. It is a perfect instrument for carrying out your home inspections and selecting dry lumber.

Apart from wood, you can also use it to check concrete and drywall before painting. It allows you to identify leaks in floors, walls, and roofs. It features strong stainless steel pins which you can manipulate based on application.

MD-812 is designed with a user-friendly LCD display from which you can obtain your readings. All data is held in memory for easy reading. This model is powered by a 9v battery complimented by a low battery indicator which makes it reliable.

It cannot be overwhelmed by moisture since it has a wide measuring range. It comes with a carrying bag and a manual for use and maintenance. MD-812 is great for all your construction, woodworking, flooring and agricultural restoration activities.

Pros: accurate, compact, probes are easy to change, user-friendly display, wide measuring range, portable, long-lasting battery
Cons: No temperature adjustment, no multi-length probes.

General Tools MMD4E Review

This is also a great instrument for making wood moisture measurements. It is perfect in locating moisture in sub-floors and carpets.

MMD4E is very common in building and construction, woodworking and agribusiness. The construction is very ergonomic allowing you to fit the instrument in your hand. Meter readings are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display thus providing quick and easy readings.

This moisture detector has a wide range and precise measuring range. It provides high-quality stainless steel pins which are stuck into the surface to obtain readings.

MMD4E is ideal for homeowners and contractors who are involved in measuring moisture in wood, sub-floors, drywall and concrete. It can also be used to detect leakages after flood damage.

Pros: Accurate percentage readings, simple manual, great display, good battery, toggles between uses, great moisture calibration.
Cons: Not great with lower readings.

RISEPRO Digital Moisture Meter Review

A Risepro wood moisture meter measures moisture accurately by penetrating deeper into wood. It uses 0.4 inch pins to penetrate your wood to provide readings.

Risepro wood meters apply correction factors for accurate results. You can probe 4 different types of wood for your floors and ceilings. Readings are obtained from a large and clear display. It has a wide measuring range of 0 to 99.9 percent.

This allows you to identify the real state of your lumber. It has a memory which supports the data hold function for easy readings. Risepro can be hand-held and comes with a reliable instruction manual.

Pros: Well built, automated, great probing, accurate, wide measuring range, easy to read, affordable, hand sized.
Cons: Poor walnut readings, needs drilled holes before probing.

General Tools MM8 Pinless LCD Moisture Meter Review

Another meter by General Tools this “pinless” model is a perfect choice if you do not want to damage the material you are testing.

The MM8 works without pins by sending electromagnetic waves into the material, and returning results instantly. Or as the manufacturer says: “Non-invasive capacitative sensing” The large LCD screen display is very easy to read, and a three-color bar graph increases your knowledge of how wet or dry the material actually is.

The MM8 has separate settings for hardwood, softwood, and masonry. It is powered by an included 9v battery and has an auto-off function that saves the battery power.

Pros: Pinless model, easy to read, affordable, ergonomic handle for easy handling.
Cons: Long power on delay.

Buying Guide
There are many types of moisture meters in the market but few guarantee accurate results. Choosing the best wood moisture meter can be very overwhelming. However, there are a few considerations which make the process easier.

It is good to know that there are two types of wood moisture meters namely; pin and pinless. But selecting the right meter goes deeper than this distinction.

Make sure to establish the intended use of the moisture meter. This is because we have meters that are meant for wood, concrete and those that work on both. The selected meter should have pins that allow effective probing.

Pin meters allow you to read small edges as opposed to pin-less models which have large sensing plates.

Quality meters have large displays preferably LCD or LED. A good wood moisture meter should have a wide measuring range to give accurate information on all conditions.

Memory function and portability allow you to take readings easily. Lastly, make sure the probe is worth the money spent.

Moisture is a great concern when dealing with wood. If left unchecked it can cause structural failures, inventory losses, and liabilities. Therefore, you need an accurate meter for your flooring, ceiling and other lumber needs.

The above-mentioned models have proven to be satisfactory according to customer reviews. They provide accurate moisture readings on different types of wood. They are easy to use and reliable with user-friendly displays and power warnings.

They are constructed with quality materials and are small enough to be handheld. Like all quality products, they have a few downsides. These include limited use, calibration issues, insensitivity to lower readings and buzzing sounds.

Otherwise, the overall performance of these meters is great. You will not miss out on a meter that matches your woodwork needs.

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