Best Full Body Fall Protection Harness – Top 4 Harnesses Reviewed

Construction is a dangerous job and can even be more dangerous when you add height to your construction project. There are many fall-related construction accidents a year and most of these can be prevented if you have the proper safety gear. And with that I mean you the need the Best Full Body Fall Protection Harness.

Probably the most important piece of safety gear is a fall protection harness. These can lightly stop you if you slip and fall off a construction site and ensuring you do not get a whiplash or other serious injuries while restraining your fall and body.

Since there are so many on the market and they are a popular safety feature, we are going to review four fall protection harnesses to help give you a better understanding of what may be the right fall protection harness for you.

KwikSafety THUNDER KIT 3D Full Body Safety Harness Review

This harness by Kwik Safety is ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-201 OSHA approved as a full-body personal fall protection device. There is one dorsal ring and two side D-rings that pass through buckle straps.

This harness will support 140 to 310 pounds.

Ensuring a proper fit is essential to the proper function of this safety harness. It is important to make sure the pass-through connectors are connected and aligned. Leg and shoulder straps should be snug, and chest straps should be in the center area of the chest.

The dorsal rings main purpose are for fall arrest and rescue. If you do fall, the pressure is given through the shoulders and around the thighs that will bring you into an upright position with a slight lean to the front.

Kwik Safety Thunder Safety Harness is perfect for an arborist, construction, roofing, gutter cleaning, search and rescue, and window washers.

3M Protecta PRO 1191259 3M Protecta Fall Protection Full Body Harness Review

Capable of holding 420 pounds securely, this full body protection harness will give you the protection you need if there is a fall off a construction site.

Back and side D-rings, quick connect buckle leg straps, and comfort padding comes with the 3M Protecta Pro. It comes in a red/gray color.

It is built out of a durable polyester web construction with built-in lanyard keepers. The 3M Protecta Pro also comes with a built-in impact indicator. This indicator is important as it shows if the harness has been used to arrest a fall, and is likely no longer safe for use.

All protection systems are gone through extensive training and come with professional customer service and knowledgeable technical assistance if needed.

The all-new design has an improved fit, updated colors and durable lightweight construction. This provides less worker fatigue.

The 3M Protecta Pro has many of the same features as the more expensive fall protection harnesses including options for special needs and limited budgets.

For being a value product, many will think this product is not as good as more expensive fall protection harnesses but it is a solid, quality product

Warthog MAXX Side D-Ring Harness with Removable Belt Review

The Warthog MAXX features a removable belt with additional padding to give added comfort to the user.

With a capacity of 130 to 420 pounds to safely arrest a fall, this is convenient for most construction employees.

Designed with comfort and functionality, full movement is available while wearing this harness and this harness will fit men and women.

Complete with a reinforced tongue buckle, quick connect chest harness, leg straps and side D-rings helps to make this one of the best fall protection harnesses on the market.

The Warthog MAXX is OSHA and ANSI certified and meets the guidelines ANSI Z359.11-2014, ANSI A10.32-12, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, OSHA 1910.

You will have peace of mind while wearing this fall protection harness with a strong, durable material. The Warthog MAXX has double reinforced polyester webbing.

Xben Comfortable Roofing Fall Protection Safety Harness Review

Perfect for roofing or any other job requiring you to work at a height, the Xben Fall protection Harness will give you a snug fit.

Xben gives six adjustment points to ensure a proper fit and can support a weight range of 130 to 310 pounds.

The connectors and adjustment buckles are specially designed and tested to ensure a snug fit without any slippage.

Featuring an ergonomic breathable back and leg padding, this hybrid padding offers great comfort and durability while you work.

There are hip D-rings, dorsal D-ring and front bar attachments for fall protection in vertical or tower climbing.

Xben uses premium high strength industrial synthetic fibers which give a great performance in aging as well as maximum heat and abrasion-resistant.

Be confident while you work at height. Xben has your back, if a fall would occur, the load will pass through your shoulder straps leaving you in an upright position. There may be some pressure on the chest area but we know you will be safe and not hurt after a fall.

It has a CE EN 361 certification. There is also a sternal attachment to use for ascending and descending.

Full Body Fall Protection Harness Buying Guide – How to find the best fall protection harness for your needs.

Size & Fit: There are many fall protection harnesses out there and it is vital to make sure you have a properly fitting harness. The harness should fit snug and not tight. It is also very important to make sure the fall protection harness can support your weight. You will want to add in your tool weight as you will likely be carrying tools or equipment while working.

Comfort: Can the harness you are looking to purchase give you the comfort you need while protecting you from a fall? Will you be able to move around and perform normal job functions like you can without wearing the harness? These are questions you will want to ask yourself because who wants to be uncomfortable while working on a job all day, especially one that requires heights.

Materials: Are the materials and features such as D-rings made of quality materials? Will they fail? Read some reviews before purchasing and you may find important flaws that may occur with each particular harness.

Warranty: Does the fall protection harness have a warranty? If there is a warranty, what type of warranty comes with this?

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