Imagine that you are cleaning an office and you are struggling with a big bulky vacuum that you have to push around the floor all day straining your back as you do your work.

Now think about how well you would be able to perform your work with a light and effective commercial backpack vacuum. Not only will it save you time and energy, but you will be able to perform your job duties in an efficient matter.

The best way to perform any job is with a high quality tool that is meant for the task at hand.

We will review the top four commercial back vacuums that we feel will improve your cleaning needs and services.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Review

The versatility of this vacuum is superb and is capable of cleaning all types of floors and surfaces. Some surfaces include upholstery, carpet, and hard floors.

It also includes a crevice device, telescopic handle, upholstery tool, soft brush and multi-surface floor tool.

With its quiet operation, you will be able to sneak up on the dirt and go about your business without affecting others in nearby rooms and is rated as one of the quietest commercial backpack vacuums on the market.

This is especially important classrooms and campuses.

Super Coachvac comes with four levels of filtration that improves the air quality with a HEPA filter.

This all then transfers into a large 10-quart container for easy disposal and up to 3 times the amount of capacity than an upright vacuum.

The extra-long 50-foot power cord makes this vacuum perfect for colleges, schools and any other facility where a long-reach cord is needed without having to unplug every few minutes to continue your job duties.

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401 Review

If you want to save your back, then you are looking at the right backpack vacuum! The Hoover C2401 only weighs 9.2 pounds which is the best feature we have found with this product.

It even includes a chiropractor designed harness which reduces strain on your back.

Included with the Hoover C2401 is an accessory pack that includes a crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, 11” turbo floor tool and a telescopic handle.

The Hoover C2401 includes a 48-foot long cord which means you will be able to save time and continuing your work with less time switching between electrical outlets.

Another great feature of this vacuum is that it is bagless but also has a HEPA filter at the top of the cartridge to allow for a continuous air flow.

This vacuum does have a smaller capacity than the other backpack vacuums we have reviewed but still can handle almost 6.5 quarts of dirt.

Powr-Flite BP10P Comfort Pro Premium Backpack Vacuum Review

The Powr-Flite BP10P is a great commercial backpack vacuum with a 10-quart capacity for dirt and debris. The down side is that it is one of the heaviest backpack vacuums on the market weighing in at 13 pounds.

With the heavier weight, you don’t have to worry too much as you get a quality Deuter Aircomfort harness with 7 points of adjustment to handle the weight and reduce perspiration by 25%.

Deuter has been a leader in hiking and backpacking industry for 115 years, they know how to make a comfortable harness!

Powr-Flite BP10P’s include a 5-layer filtration system which includes a HEPA bag, shake-out bag, pre-motor filter, post-motor filter and exhaust filter.

It is certified clean from the Carpet and Rug Institute with a Gold Certification!

Every tool is right at your waist and there are many tools that come with the Powr-Flite BP10P including a telescoping wand that extends from 32 to 50 inches, an expanding 6-foot hose, crevice tool, 14 inch carpet tool, upholstery tool, and dusting tool.

GV 10 Quart Commercial BackPack Vacuum

According to GV, the GV 10 Commercial Backpack Vacuum is the most powerful of backpack vacuums.

It features 110CFM with 120 inches of water lift which means you will have more suction power.

GV states other vacuums have less than 100 inches of water lift. Another great thing is that it only weighs 11 pounds!

Like most other backpack vacuums, the GV has a 10 quart capacity with a 3-stage filtration and includes a HEPA filter with 6 HEPA filtration bags.

Easy to use tools are included with the GV 10 including a crevice tool, upholstery tool, duster brush, air driven mini power head and a floor tool.

The GV 10 does have a power cord but it is nowhere near as long as the other backpack vacuums mentioned above and some say it is less than 5 feet.

If changing electrical outlets is not a problem for you, then this would not be a negative impact to your job but we felt it was worth mentioning.

Commercial Backpack Vacuum Buying Guide – How to find the best commercial backpack vacuum for your needs!

Like many employers, they want their staff to have the best equipment possible to get the job done and efficiently. We picked out a few suggestions for you to review before purchasing your first commercial backpack vacuum to help find what is best for you.

Power: It is important to keep a good idea check on the power of the suction of a vacuum to make sure it will pick up the dirt and debris that you are most likely to encounter at your cleaning locations.

Capacity: If you are cleaning places where dumpsters or garbage for dirt and debris is far away, it will be better to purchase a vacuum with a higher debris capacity. This is also important if you don’t have the time to stop and continuously empty the container.

Price: There are many options out there for vacuums and the price range is very broad. Be sure to do research on customer reviews and the pros/coons with each vacuum before deciding based on price. Higher quality will likely be higher priced but that is not always the case.

Tool Supply: Cleaning various buildings will require a wide array of tools needed to properly clean multiple surfaces. It is important to see what accessories and tools come with each vacuum to make sure you will have everything you need to do the job right. It is also important to find out the length of the power cord, this will tell you if you need to change receptacles often, which could slow your work or if you can do several rooms at a time.

Warranty: Commercial vacuums get a lot of use which means a lot of wear and tear on the vacuum itself. Having a good warranty with excellent customer service should be considered a priority in case of any part or equipment failures.