During the summer all sorts of inflatables need to be inflated, beach toys, bounce houses, slip n’ slides, air beds, swimming pools, and so much more.

Don’t let this be the summer where you are still trying to blow up all the toys with a manual pump, or worse your mouth! It is too much work, and there is an easier way.

Below I review the four best air pump models.

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump Review

Built by Intex this highly touted pump works off any 110-120 volt standard household outlet. Because it plugs in you do not have to worry about charging batteries or any weaker airflow with dying batteries.

Simply plug in and you are ready to go. A nice feature about this model is the long six-foot cord. This Quick-Fill pump comes with three nozzle tips that fit most inflatables.

There is a large round tip, and two tips with pointed ends, one a medium size and one a small. The pump is easy to hold and maneuver and with the amazing 600 liter per minute air flow, you will have your inflatables inflated in no time at all.

The pump can be a bit loud, but to me, it just shows that this rugged little tool is working nice and hard.

Kwik Tek AIRHEAD AHP-120 Air Pump Review

The AIRHEAD model by Kwik Tek is a great durable model that is made out of quality materials and is built to last. The sturdy handle makes transporting this pump easy and efficient.

You can plug into any household outlet, and the ten-foot cord gives you a lot of room to move around and let the inflatables grow. Compared to the Intex reviewed above this model has a slower air fill rate at 300 liters per minute.

I really like the “accordion style” hose that firmly locks onto the pump and valve fittings.

When you are moving the pump around it is annoying to have disconnections, this model works to prevent that from happening.

Three included universal valve fittings fit almost all inflatables.

Coleman QuickPump Review

When you buy a Coleman product, you know that you are getting a well-designed product from a strong outdoors recreation brand that has been around since 1900.

This 120V pump is no exception and would be a great purchase. Coleman also offers battery operated pumps and rechargeable pumps.

However, for most inflatables, plug-in models are the best at getting the job done. This model can inflate a queen double high air mattress in two minutes.

This model offers a six-foot cord and two nozzle tips that can fit a variety of inflatables.

Swimline 9095 Electric Pump for Inflatables Review

The 9095 model by Swimline is a high capacity pump that can make quick work of all the inflatables that you need to pump up.

Two included tips allow you to fill quickly and easily and the six-foot cord allows you plenty of room to maneuver.

The handle attached at the top of the pump also makes carrying the pump a breeze.

This model is great for mid-size to large inflatables.

Buying GuideHow to find the best air pump for inflatables.

When you are considering an air pump there should be a few factors that you take into consideration. Various pumps may look the same but small differing details can make a big difference on how quickly or easily you can inflate your inflatables! Below I list the things you should keep an eye out for before making a final decision.

Cord Length –

The reviewed models above all plug into a standard wall outlet and provide a hefty amount of power. Think about when you are inflating…. do you feel like you need to move around a lot? Do you feel like a longer cord is better for your needs? Some people may need just a short amount of cord, and some may need an extra large amount of cord or even an extension cord. Most models have a six-foot cord.

Liters Per Minute –

Liters Per Minute is a measurement that explains how much air will be produced per minute. The higher the number, the quicker your inflatable will be inflated. Ranges can be from 200-1000 LPM.

Portability –

Moving your air pump should be easy. Many models provide a handle. Most pumps are lightweight and should be able to be packed away easily.

Included Tips –

Make sure when buying a pump you look at your inflatables to see what type of tip you need. Most pumps have universal tips that will fill the majority of inflatables.