Are Yeti Coolers Worth The Price?

Are Yeti Coolers Worth The Price?

A passion for the great outdoors was what prompted the founders of Yeti to pursue their dream of creating coolers and other equipment that could endure the elements. In 2006 Roy and Ryan Seiders founded Yeti and introduced the Yeti cooler to the outdoor industry. The brothers wanted a cooler that had the features they used on a daily basis. They need a cooler that wouldn’t break down like ordinary coolers. They decided to use quality materials that were durable and held up in the wilderness.

Target market
The brothers decided to focus in on the outdoor enthusiast instead of trying to market it for mass retail use. Because of this resolution to go for quality and exclusivity the brothers worked on capturing the serious outdoor enthusiast. They would reach out to those enthusiasts, let them utilize the cooler and welcome their stories.

Both brothers knew that experience using the coolers would be a better indicator of how they held up under adverse conditions. The coolers were produced with the necessary features that outdoorsmen needed.

yeti cooler worth the priceQuality and custom features of the Yeti Cooler
Yeti coolers are designed to be super durable, retain cold and withstand heavy pressure. The Seider brothers created two lines of Yeti coolers; the Yeti Hopper and the Yeti Tundra.

Yeti Hopper Coolers
Yeti Hopper coolers are specifically designed withstand heavy pressure and are mildew resistant. Made of a high density Dryhide™ shell the Yeti Hopper resists mildew, UV rays and punctures.

The Yeti Hopper cooler with its Coldcell™ insulation is perfect for hunters who want to bring meat home safely. The sturdy handles and soft sided fabric of the cooler makes carrying easy and comfortable.

Guaranteed 100% leak proof and made of survival suit materials, these Yeti Hopper coolers are both durable and portable.

Yeti Tundra Coolers
This is the original Yeti cooler line. These ice chests are designed to be indestructible and are insolated with extra thick walls of insulation. The Fatwall™ design is noted for its unequalled ice retention on extremely hot days. Armored construction materials in the cooler make it resistant to crushing and bear attacks.

Permafrost™ insulation foam helps keep cold things cold. Tundra coolers are perfect for tailgating parties, outdoor barbeques and other outdoor events to keep food cold for hours.

Price comparison of Yeti coolers to other ordinary coolers
Comparing prices for Yeti coolers gets a little dicey when you consider that Yeti coolers are designed to last under adverse conditions. Ordinary coolers however are good when all you really want to do is take the cooler to an occasional sporting event or camping. The least expensive Yeti Hopper cooler is the Yeti Hopper Flip cooler.

In Yeti’s Tundra line the less expensive ice chest is the Roadie; designed for carrying up to 14 cans easily and is lightweight enough to stow in a canoe. The Coleman 14 can rugged lunch box is a good example of an inexpensive cooler that performs well for the occasional outings.yeti hopper cooler worth the price

Here is a few price comparisons:
Yeti Flip Hopper cooler (coming soon) $279.00
Coleman 14 can Rugged Lunch Box $19.99
Yeti Tundra Roadie® Ice Chest $249.00
Igloo Ice Cube™ 14 Ice Chest $29.99

Performance features of the Yeti cooler compared to other name brands
There is much to consider when researching the perfect cooler for your needs. Coleman and Igloo products are durable enough for every day ordinary uses. Many people used both brands for their camping and sports related needs without complaint. Whenever you compare performance features you should take into account the adverse conditions the product will endure on a daily basis.

Understandably Coleman, Igloo and other brand names have features that Yeti coolers don’t have because they are dealing with mass retail stores. This is not to say that their products are inferior in any way. The facts are that because Coleman and the rest have decided to make their camping and outdoor products more appealing to the general public at large, they have added features that the general public wants. In comparison Yeti cares about the serious outdoor enthusiast, so their product is priced accordingly.

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