Best Smoker Thermometer – Top 4 Digital Choices Reviewed

A smoker thermometer is a great way of keeping track of the temperature of the foods you are cooking, grilling, or smoking. Thermometers today are very advanced and often include a number of cool features.

Many thermometers also offer wireless options where you can be far away from the food and still be able to keep track of the rising temperature.

We have found the four best smoker thermometers and reviewed them below.

ThermoPro TP07 Remote Wireless Digital Smoker Thermometer Review

The TP07 by ThermoPro is a fan favorite, and rightfully so. This thermometer is rugged, durable, and loaded with features. To get started, select the meat that you are cooking, and a the doneness temperature recommended by the USDA is automatically set as your target temperature.

You can also choose your own temperature. Insert the 6.5 inch stainless steel food grade thermometer into your food. You can now place the receiver anywhere you want up to 300 feet away and you will be able to keep an eye on the temperature.

For example now you can finish up meal prep in your home with the receiver while your food finishes in your smoker outside. The large back-lit LCD screen provides all the information you need in any easy to read format.

A really cool feature that I like is the background of the screen changes color as you get closer to your target temperature. When your food is within 15 degrees of your doneness temperature the background turns blue.

When your food is at the proper temperature the screen turns red, along with flashing and beeping. The probe can distinguish between temperature as low as 16 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

The probe and wire can survive temperatures up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer and receiver are wrapped in a rubber sleeve that makes them easy to grip.

A countdown timer, and an auto off function round out the features of this amazing thermometer.

EAAGD Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer Review

Sold by EAAGD, this thermometer is similar to the ThermoPro, but it has less features, and the thermometer has a shorter range of 100 feet. It does have a bigger LCD screen to view your temperature settings.

I also like the little picture that shows the food type you are cooking. You choose what temperature you would like to reach.

The body size of this model is more compact, and smaller than the ThermoPro. Operation is similar to the TP07.

You can choose from five different meat types and you can also set to what doneness you would like the meat. The receiver will beep and flash when the probe reaches the set temperature. The eight inch food grade stainless steel probe works within the temperature range of -32 degrees Fahrenheit up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

90 day money back guarantee is included. The thermometer is powered by four AAA batteries which are not included.

Famili OT008 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer Review

This OT008 model designed by Famili is a great option for meat smoker enthusiasts. The receiver is able to show you the temperature of the probe from up to 300 feet away.

The OT008 works off of 4 included AAA batteries.

A one year replacement guarantee is included with each thermometer. Set your own temperatures, and you will be alerted with beeps and flashing lights when the thermometer reaches the appropriate temperature.

When the unit is shut off it will automatically save your used temperatures which is a nice touch. This model does not have preset temperatures.

ThermoPro TP16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Thermometer Review

The TP16 Model also made by ThermoPro is a great model for smokers. But it is important to note that it is not a wireless thermometer like the other reviewed options. This model is one piece and it works by inserting the 6.5 inch stainless steel probe into your smoker or food.

The probe is attached to a 40-inch long stainless steel mesh cable so you have a bit of leeway on where you can go with the thermometer. A magnet is also on the back of the device so you can attach it to your smoker or other metal devices.

This model is also great for ovens. I am a fan of the large and easy to read LCD screen.

You can easily set your own temperature, but preset temperatures are also available and it lists which meat the temperature goes with.

A great 365 day warranty is included with this model.

ThermoPro really stands out by making a quality durable product, and standing behind what they sell.

BBQ and Smoker Accessories

If you really want to round out your smoker accessories check out this three in one BBQ set.

Non slip silicone gloves temperature rated up to 425 degrees, meat shredding claws, and a silicone basting brush are included.

Thermometer Buying Guide

Finding the best smoker thermometer for your needs

When buying a smoker thermometer there are a number of things to consider.

Wireless or Wired – Make sure you know if the model you are looking at is wireless or wired. They both can be useful, but if you plan on moving away from your food often, make sure you get a wireless model.

Price– Most smoker thermometers are in the $20 to $60 range.

Heat Range– Make sure you check out the stated temperature range of the models you are looking at, and that it is within the range of the food you plan to cook.

Durability– Temperature probes will need to withstand a lot of stress when being used so make sure the probe is stainless steel, and also food grade. Buttons on the receiver and thermometer should also be rugged, and easy to operate.

Display Screen and FeaturesThe best thermometers have large display screens that are easy to read from a distance. Many different options are available, make sure to read about each models features. some may not be necessary for you.

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