Best Large Lazy Susan – Top 5 Turntables Reviewed

The use of the Best Large Lazy Susan is numerous and varied and these turning tables can work in many different rooms in your house.

A Lazy Susan is a turntable, or what is known as a rotating tray. The Tray is placed on a table or countertop to aid in sharing food.

You mostly find these in Chinese restaurants to share different dishes.

Lazy Susans have been made in many different types of materials. But are usually you’ll find them in glass, wood, or plastic materials.

Note that there are two main uses; you can use them in cabinets to provide more storage space, and on top of kitchen tables to make food and condiment serving easier.

However, you can also use a Lazy Susan or turntable for cake decorating, or in a workshop to make tool access easier. You can even hang a Lazy Susan upside down underneath your cabinets with a few hooks, and you can hang cooking utensils from it. The trick when buying is making sure you have the right size for your job.

A lot of turntables are in the 9-10 inch range. But because you are here, you are looking for larger Lazy Susans and we have found the five best large versions and reviewed them below.

18 Inch Copco 2555-0186 Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable Review

Coming in at 18 inches the 2555-0186 model by Copco is a customer favorite.

This model works great in a variety of different applications and is my choice for the best Lazy Susan available. There are a number of features that make this turntable stand out.

I love the non-skid pad which prevents items from sliding around.

Another feature designed to keep items in place is a raised lip around the edge, which is a feature that many Lazy Susans do not have. This model is also very easy to clean.

Copco also produces turntables in nine and twelve-inch sizes.

The twelve-inch model also has a two-tier option which is great, for say a rotating spice rack.

OXO Good Grips Turntable, 16-Inch Review

OXO Good Grips is known for making high quality, durable, and ergonomic products. This turntable is a rugged no frills option that will do exactly what you expect of it.

Durable steel ball bearings will keep the top spinning for a long time.

A feature about this model that stands out is the larger than normal base that really keeps the whole table in balance.

Rubber feet also protect any surface that you may place this Lazy Susan.

A large lip around the edge prevents any spills from leaking out into the surrounding area.

The non-porous surface is also very easy to wipe clean. An 11-inch model is also available.

22″ Espresso / Cappuccino Finish Large Lazy Susan Review

This beautiful wooden model by The Furniture Cove is meant to be proudly shown off.

Coming in at 22 inches this model will be able to handle a wide range of items, and the big size gives access to even the biggest of dining tables.

I love that no assembly is required.

The cherry wood grain gives a nice dark look to the Lazy Susan, or as the manufacturer calls it “Espresso / Cappuccino”

Durable ball bearings ensure a long-lasting life.

Native Trails Bamboo 30-Inch Lazy Susan Review

This Lazy Susan is the biggest of the top five coming in at 30 inches. And with a bigger size comes a bigger price.

This beautiful turntable is made out of sustainable bamboo and would look at home on even the most elegant of dining tables. The rotation is simple and smooth and rotates a full 360 degrees.

It is odd to think of Lazy Susan as a conversation piece, but this model by Native Trails will definitely pick your guests’ interest.

Because it is made out of bamboo there are some special care instructions that need to be followed. When not in use keep away from heat and sunlight.

Cleaning is fairly easy, simply wipe clean with soap and water.

Make sure the table and base are completely dry before storing.

The manufacturer also recommends occasionally rubbing with mineral oil to maintain a nice glossy appearance.

LapWorks Swiv-All 15″ Heavy DutyReview

This 15 inch model by LapWorks has more of an industrial feeling to it. It would certainly work on a dining table, but I recommend this turntable for larger items.

This model can safely hold up to 150 pounds. This works great for a TV swivel, or maybe outdoor plants.

The rugged ABS plastic construction would make it a great option for any outdoor applications.

I love that LapWorks offers a lifetime warranty, you know that they built this Lazy Susan to last!

The Swiv-All also has rubber bumpers to prevent the base from sliding around. A great product at a great price.

Lazy Susan Buying GuideWhat to look for when trying to find the best turntable for you.

Size – There is a very wide range of sizes of Lazy Susans make sure you measure the space that you intend to put it. Larger sizes can generally hold more weight.

Material – The most common material for turntables is plastic because it is a quality durable material that is built to last and easy clean. However, if you are looking to have a fancier model that looks good while displayed, wood and glass models are also available.

Price – Cheap Lazy Susans can be purchased for under $10 and high-quality large models can be multiple hundreds of dollars. Most Lazy Susans are around $20.

Durability – When buying make sure to see if the base uses ball bearings, and read customer reviews to see how long the table is holding up. Because of the simple design, Lazy Susans will not often break but the material that it is made out of should be an important factor to consider.

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