Best Mosquito Killer – Top 4 Best Mosquito Killer Reviewed

The Best Mosquito Killer is a must if you want to be safe from bites related diseases. Here are the Top 4 Best Mosquito Killer Solutions Reviewed for you.

Everyone deserves a peaceful sleep and rest at night. However, this may not be attainable with irritating flies and mosquitoes which apart from their painful bites, produce annoying sounds. In addition to their painful bites, mosquitoes are known to be notorious carriers of disease-causing agents.

Mosquitoes transmit malaria which is a major killer globally. Additionally, mosquitoes are associated with the transmission of the Zika virus, dengue fever and yellow fever. There are increasing reports of people abandoning their homes as many traditional methods are no longer effective in getting rid of mosquitoes.

However, this is not the best solution. To clear the menace, many people are increasingly using mosquito killers as they have proved easy to use and effective. The following are some of the best mosquito killers that one can choose from:

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger Review

This is a product of Burgess and has been specifically designed to kill mosquitoes in the outdoors. The device is also known as the best mosquito killer spray. The reason is that it makes it easy to fog the yard (or spray the yard), hence getting rid of mosquitoes and other insects.

The fog produced does not have any smell which makes the device highly effective and user-friendly. After spraying, it is recommended you wait up to 10 minutes before entering the sprayed area.

The device is compatible with most insecticides and emits a thick fog that spreads to up to 5000 square feet. It is easy to use and can last for as long as six hours. Its ability to cover large areas makes it’s the best choice in protecting children who like spending time outdoors.

The machine is very light and highly portable hence you can easily carry it around and cover more ground. The only shortcomings with the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger are that it kills indiscriminately. Additionally, the device is not sold with a propane tank so you will be required to buy it separately.

Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk Review

Mosquito Bits and Mosquito Dunks are made from israelensis, a strain of a natural soil bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt). Many Bt products have been used for a long time as a method of pest control. Some of them including Btt on beetles and Btk on caterpillars are used to on garden and agricultural pests.

Bti is a type of Bt that only kills black flies and mosquitoes. It is very specific on the type of insect it kills. Due to its natural occurrence in the environment, Bti is considered an all-natural biological pest control product.

Bits and dunks are mainly produced by digging Bti from the soil than using enzymes to inactivate the bacteria. The inactivated bacteria are then incorporated into fillers and neatly packed in pellets or dry briquettes. By the time the consumer buys the pellets, they are no longer living bacteria but still very effective in killing the mosquito larvae.

Simply put one of the pellets in any standing water that is near you. The results are quick and efficient.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer Review

This is a product of Flowtron and has become very popular among users because it is very efficient in killing insects like mosquitoes.

The device has a 40-watt bulb which gives it uninterrupted service. The device is able to cover up to one acre in radius. Additionally, the machine can be hung anywhere using a metal ring attached at the top.

Bugs and mosquitos are attracted by the bright light and drawn into the inner cage where they are quickly zapped. Sitting outside at night, hearing each “zap” you will be comforted knowing that the Flowtron is keeping you free of mosquitoes.

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer is weather-proof and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Zap-It! Bug Zapper Review

Fly zappers have become very popular in use around the world. However, very few zappers can rival the Zap-It! Bug Zapper. It is easily rechargeable, very durable and very light hence easy to move around with. This is a perfect everyday mosquito killer. The grid, which is 2000-volts never disappoints when it comes to killing.

When it comes into contact with the mosquito, the device instantly obliterates the insect. That’s why the Zapper has also been called the best mosquito killer bat.

Apart from the mosquitoes, the device can be used to kill other insects like wasps and house flies.

Buying GuideHow to find the best mosquito killer for your needs.

With this wide selection, it may be a daunting task for shoppers to choose the right killer that best serves him or her. A number of factors can, however, help in making an informed decision on the type of killer that you can use in your house or yard.

It is imperative that you go for the cheapest but still effective machine. The cost associated with the device is, therefore, a major factor to consider. Secondly, the area of coverage is a factor to put into mind.

Some devices can only cover a small area like one room while others are able to cover a larger locality like a full yard. This should be your guiding point when choosing killers for outdoor and indoor use.

Thirdly, the chemical component of the device should be put into consideration. Some machines dispense chemicals which in turn kill the mosquitoes whole other physically trap the insects in an enclosed container before gradually killing them. These can be useful for people who are allergic or can’t just put up with certain chemicals.

Final words

Please do not take a mosquito bite lightly. These little insects can do a lot of harm and that is why you need the best mosquito killer at home.

In this article, we provided you with 4 of the best mosquito killers. Just choose the one that is most appropriate to your needs. Note that you may want to have two different types to ensure you have the most effective solution.

I think the Zap is a must, while you can choose from the other options the one that is most adapted to your needs.

When you are done with your mosquitos, I invite you to have a look around the site, I am sure you’ll find other reviews that will be of interest to you.

If you do not find the review you need, just contact us, and we will be delighted to write about the product you need.


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