Best Lawn Sweeper for Acorns – Top 4 Sweepers Reviewed

If you have acorns in your garden or somewhere in your field, then you must buy the best lawn sweeper for acorns.

Obviously, anyone that has a lawn knows there are hours and hours of upkeep put into it a week, especially for larger yards.

Anything that can make our life easier for taking care of our lawn is a blessing. From landscaping and weeding to mowing the lawn, we make our yards look the best we can. We know about the lawn sweepers and how effective they are on our lawn for picking up grass clipping and leaves but have you heard of an acorn sweeper?

An acorn sweeper is similar to the lawn sweeper but is specially designed for acorns and larger nuts. Let’s face it, we know when you hit those acorns and other nuts with the lawnmowers they fly like a rocket out of the mower and pose a danger to anyone or anything near the mower getting injure or damaged.

Today we are going to list the best lawn sweeper acorns reviews which can also be used as nut sweepers. While all of the acorn and nut sweepers we will review are push behind, they do make larger lawn mower pull behinds as well. The acorn sweepers we are reviewing focus on the smaller yards so let’s get started.

18″ Push Pecan/Large Acorn Picker Upper Review

So easy a kid can do it! That is right, a simple chore for you to pass onto your kids to do and it is 100% safe for them to do which can also save you time to do other projects. If you don’t have kids, you can do it yourself with ease.

All you do is push the 18” Pecan/Large Acorn Picker Upper and the tines pick up the acorns and flow up the wheel and drop into the basket in front of the wheel. Then all you do is dump the basket and your yard is clear of nuts such as acorns, pecans, and walnuts.

Designed to roll over any terrain, this Pecan/Large Acorn Picker Upper can be used on flat, sloped or wooded terrain with ease as it travels over the terrain smoothly picking up the nuts and nothing else.

Made in the USA by Bag A Nut, this simple Pecan/Large Acorn Picker Upper is built to last and will give you plenty of years of easy lawn maintenance.

This is an affordable and simple lawn sweeper for acorns solution that will definitely help to pick up those pesky nuts. This will cut your harvesting time in half.

Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper Review

This lightweight and easy to use lawn sweeper will tackle that long chore of picking up nuts, leaves, and grass clippings in half the time.

Built by a popular and quality company, Agri-Fab you can expect to get many years of use out of this quality project.

A lightweight design of only 25 pounds and 7-cubic foot capacity will give you a lot of collection space before you need to empty the sweeper.

The lawn sweeper comes with a 3-year warranty and is 52.5”x31”x33”, this is even light and compact enough to store on the wall!

This lawn sweeper will pick up leaves, lawn clippings, and small light-weight nuts but will not pick up the larger nuts such as walnuts.

The handle does adjust with height to fit a variety of heights and comfortable positions to keep you comfortable and prevent a sore back from doing your lawn work. Your back will thank you and this is much better than spending hours raking the leaves!

Garden Weasel 95334 Small Nut Gatherer Review

A smaller and more affordable way to collect nuts in a small area is the Garden Weasel Small Nut Gatherer.

Easy to use, just roll the half-gallon basket roller over the nuts, and the thin basket strips pull apart lightly to the size of the nut and pull the nut into the basket.

When the basket is full, you just spread the basket apart with your hands and the nuts easily fall out.

The optimum size of the nuts that the Garden Weasel will pick up is 3/8” to ¾” in size. This means acorns; buckeyes and even small rocks will be picked up with ease.

With an easy-grip handle and storage hook, this nut gatherer will be comfortable while using on your hand will not give you blisters like some of the competition.

Garden Weasel is a popular brand and this nut gatherer has a welded steel construction. It is also weather and rust-resistant. The construction is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. You can feel comfortable with purchasing this nut gatherer.

Turbine Ind. 901 Rolling Nut Gatherer Review

Like the Garden Weasel, the Turbine Industries Rolling Nut Gatherer works the same way. Pick up those pesky nuts by rolling the wire basket back and forth over the nuts.

Turbine Industries says this has the ability to pick up any nut under any condition so it may pick up larger nuts with its spring wire basket.

The spring wire basket has a 2-quart capacity for nuts. When the basket is full, just spread the wire apart and empty it into the desired location.

This nut gatherer has a 3/8 inch cold-rolled steel handle and a wooden handle grip that gives a comfortable feel while using this product.

A lightweight of only 4 pounds makes this perfect for any small nut-gathering chore.

Lawn Sweeper Buying Guide – How to find the best lawn sweeper for acorns for your needs.

Size of yard: The most important thing will be to take your yard size into consideration before purchasing. If you have a large yard or a lot of nuts, you will definitely want to purchase a large push-behind or pull-behind sweeper/gatherer.

Size of Project: Do you have a large project at hand or a single tree that you can use a small simple nut gatherer? Determine this before purchasing your nut gatherer. Will you have to empty the sweeper/gatherer often or just once with the size of the project in mind

Nut Size: Most sweepers are designed to handle certain sizes of nuts. Make sure that you closely check to see if the sweeper you are considering can handle what you plan to pick up.

Brand: Do you care about a specific brand or can it be an off-brand that does the same job?

Warranty: Does the product you are looking to purchase have a warranty? If so what does the warranty include? This may determine what you purchase.

Final words

I hope that you have now selected your best push lawn sweeper for acorns and that you are getting ready to collect all of these small “nut”, so to speak.

And by the way, if you have any other needs, I am sure you’ll find plenty of reviews that will be of interest to you here. And if you do not find a review on a product that you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our contact us page.

We will be delighted to write a review just for you, after having tried your product.

Speak soon and see you in the near future on Helpful Reviewer.

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