Even if you’re a seasoned exercise and fitness buff, chances are that hand grippers don’t regularly cross your mind. But every personal trainer will tell you that a hand gripper can and should be a part of your everyday training regime.

As much as you’ll need strength to curl, lift and squat, your hands will need the same resistance to support it. Best of all, it’s portable. You can easily use it at work, sitting on the couch, walking down the street… anywhere you find your hands free.

But hand grippers aren’t just for training fanatics. The fact is, all of us use our hands every day.

Driving. Typing emails. Texting. Our daily lives revolve around our hands. But over time, hand strength weakens if not exercised properly, leading to a whole host of problems.

Arthritis. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Tendonitis. Diminished circulation. And to combat these, there’s no tool simpler and easier to use than a hand gripper.

Hand grippers have come a long way since the chintzy models you may remember from your father and older brother; the ones that broke rusted or lost tension after a few weeks use. Some offer a classic design, while others resemble a vaguely futuristic torture device.

But which hand gripper is right for you? Below you’ll find an overview of some of the best-selling brands currently available, and what to be on the lookout for when choosing one.

Yifi-Tek Hand Grip Strengthener Review

With an adjustable resistance scale between 30-145 lbs, the Yifi-Tek Strengthener is ideal for the gradual development of hand strength.

A grooved grip in the rubber handles provides optimal comfort and prevents it from slipping, while the stainless steel hinges withstand the maximum amount of torque.

Though they may look intimidating, they’re actually quite small and can easily fit into a gym bag or even your pocket.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Review

One of the more unique grippers we’ve seen; not only does it give your hands and wrists a work out, but your fingers as well!

The spring-loaded finger-piston technology offers variable resistance from 1.5-9 lbs (depending on the model you purchase,) making this ideal for everyone from osteoarthritis sufferers anyone who uses their smartphones or keyboards on a regular basis.

Hand Gripper Set of 3 (100, 150, 200 lbs) Review

With a classic design reminiscent of the hand grippers we grew up with, the 44SPORT Hand Gripper comes in a package of three (offering resistance of 100, 150 and 200 lbs respectively) and are designed entirely of stainless steel.

The grip can be slightly uncomfortable (although they certainly are no slip!) but they are solidly built, if not ideal for the beginner.

Hand Grip by Iron Crush Review

Another uniquely designed product consisting of a single ring constructed entirely of flexible (yet strong) silicon.

Don’t let the design fool you; these grippers provide gradual strength training between 60-80 lbs resistance.

What’s nice about this design is that they allow for multiple exercises – crushing, pinching, and extending; all of which will focus on various areas of your hands and wrists, from your tendons to your palms to your wrists.

Hand Grippers Buying Guide – How to find the best hand grippers for your needs!

Because hand grippers differ so dramatically in their usage, your choice is going to be contingent on what you’re using it for. Are you trying to gain finger strength back due to arthritis? The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser reviewed above may be something you’d want to look into.

Are you a practicing athlete looking to maintain a better grip? If so, the 44SPORT model reviewed would be better suited for you.

Resistance Level

The most crucial thing to take into consideration when buying hand grippers is the resistance level.

In short, this measures how many pounds of pressure you apply to the grippers before they refuse to budge. This is not only a measurement of your hand strength but over time will gradually improve it.

Beginners should choose a lower level at first – say 40 lbs. However, if you’re already training, you may want to consider a higher level in the vicinity of 70 lbs. Keep in mind that many grippers come with, if not adjustable than in packages of varying resistance levels, allowing you to gradually improve your strength over time.


Comfort is also something you’re going to need to take into consideration. You’re going to be using these regularly (preferably every other day at first) so you’re going to have to choose a design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Avoid those hard plastic handled ones you might remember as a kid; not only will they go flying out of your hands at a second’s notice, but your palms will resemble roadkill the following day.

Whether you’re training, undergoing physical therapy or are a simple office worker looking to prevent future damage, hopefully, this article helped make you realize just how versatile hand grippers can be. And hopefully now you’ve seen just how long they’ve come, you might want to take a longer look at overall fitness. The answer could be… in the palm of your hands.