Best Button Press – Top 4 Presses Reviewed

Crafting and button making is a great way to spend time with family or to earn extra income. It is also a good way to teach kids excellent creativity skills which allows them to use their imagination.

Kids enjoy doing many crafts including button making. Whether it would be for a dress-up costume or just to make crafts, you can do a lot with a quality button press.

We realize there are many types of button presses and we will review what we feel are the best button presses available.

VEVOR Button Maker 25mm Badge Machine Review

The VEVOR is one of the best all in one button making sets we can find on the market. It would be perfect for just about any use including promotional giveaways, fundraisers, arts & crafts, business, parties, and teams.

The entire kit is made to ultra-high quality standards and comes with a heavy duty 58mm (2 ¼ or 2.28 inch) badge mold, one premium button badge machine, 58mm industrial circle cutter, and 1,000 circular button parts that include button shell, pin, and backing.

Made out of solid die-cast aluminum and cast iron, this button maker will last you many years and prove affordable in no time. There is a simple 2-step process that makes this machine perfect for any DIYer. You can easily make 200 to 300 buttons in an hour.

Since you will be making so many buttons in such a fast pace, VEVOR included an ergonomically designed handle to ease on fatigue and make button-making easier.

Yescom 2 1/4 inch 58mm Button Badge Maker Review

like the VEVOR button maker, the Yescom Button Badge Maker is easy to use. It is great for making buttons, bottle openers, key chains, and rope ties.

The Yescom is also constructed out of quality cast iron of the main body. You have the option of a 25mm and 32mm press size besides the common 58mm size. Since it has quality construction, there is a very low failure rate which will give years of enjoyment.

As with some other brands, the Yescom Button Badge Maker comes with 1000 sets of button parts. This includes the button face, pin, and button backing. There is a metal slider plate that makes operating the button maker simple to use.


One of the best qualities of the ChiButtons Badge Machine can make multiple shapes and sizes. It can create 25mm, 32mm, 37mm, 44mm, 58mm, 75mm, and 100mm round plus oval 45x64mm, & 65x90mm oval. There are other options such as 25x70mm 50x90mm, & 40x60mm rectangle, square 37x37mm, heart, pentagon and triangle shapes.

With the fast and easy mold change capabilities, you will be able to switch out molds in no time and continue making your badges in no time.

The ChiButtons Badge Machine is lightweight with an acrylic base. This makes the machine easy to transport and able to store in most places.

Most button badge machines include a kit of buttons and this one is no different. It includes 400 25mm round buttons, 500 pin parts, and a circle cutter. They do also include online video instructions on proper operation. There is also a free photo paper section on the website.

BEAMNOVA Button Badge Maker Machine Review

Beamnova is another good option for a quality button badge maker. They are made with a steel handle and a quality mold base that is designed to save energy as you work. It also comes with a metal slide plate that makes a faster and more accurate slide track operation.

The machine is not just good for button badges but can also be used to make a variety of items such as key chains, pin buttons, bottle openers, rope ties and more.

While the ChiButtons badge machine makes multiple size badges, the Beamnova only makes one size and that is the common 58mm or 2 ¼ inch badge size.

This does come with 1000 pieces of button parts like most other machines do to help get you started making button badges.

Beamnova does put out a note stating that their machine may not accept other button parts and may not be suitable for their machine. They recommend that you purchase only Beamnova supplies to ensure the proper fit.

We are mentioning this just as a buyer beware of the possibility of incompatibility with other brands and don’t want you to waste money purchasing other supplies that won’t work with this machine.

Button Press Buying Guide – How to find the best button press for your needs.

Molds: There are many button badge presses on the market and all offer slightly different offerings. If you are going to make common 58mm badges then this won’t be as big of a deal. If you are going to design a wide variety of products and use different mold sizes, you want to be sure you have a machine that you can interchange molds with and not stuck with one version only.

Durability: If you will be using a button badge press for your business, you will want to make sure you have a quality and durable product to keep up with the constant use of the press. You don’t want something light that will break after a few months of use. Also look into the handle and make sure it looks comfortable to you so you won’t get fatigued or sore from the constant use of the machine.

Warranty: Does your press come with a warranty? You will want to check this out and determine if you are worried about a warranty or not. Warranties are usually big selling points since it will make exchanging parts that break easily and at no cost to you.

Parts: If you will be changing molds often you will want something that will make exchanging the molds easy so it does not take much time away from your work. Also look into the slide plate and make sure it is easy to move back and forth and stays accurate so your badges come out looking great every time.

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