4 Best Attachable Grill Lights for Nighttime Grilling

Grilling can be a fun and relaxing experience. Grilling in the dark however can cause some problems. Most lights that may be near your grill are behind you and probably tend to cast a shadow on what you are grilling.

Grill lights solve that problem. Designed to clip on to your grill, the 4 below reviewed lights are the best in the category.

Grilluminator Grill Light for BBQ Review

Touted as the “BEST BBQ Grill Light” the Grilluminator lights up your grill with 10 ultra bright LED lights, and features a universal grill mount.

The Grilluminator has many glowing customer reviews and is built to last. Batteries are included and you are guaranteed 50,000 hours of grilling light. I love that a lifetime replacement guarantee enables you to get a new light no questions asked.

The price is on the higher end of other reviewed grill lights, but the quality you get makes up for it.

Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light Review

The standard in grill illumination is the Weber 7516. This sturdy model uses 3 LED lights and fits Spirit, Genesis, and Summit grills with round handles.

I love the feature that automatically turns the light on when the grill is open and turns the light off when the grill cover is closed.

Batteries are not included but when installed, power the light for up to 20 hours.

LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20019-301 6 LED Wireless Multiflex Clip On Review

Built out of sturdy ABS plastic this grill light by Fulcrum can also be detached and used elsewhere as a task light.

Highlighted by silver accents the bendable arm allows light to reach the darkest corners.

What is important about this arm is it does not bounce and the light stays where you want it.

The 6 energy efficient floodlight LED’s require 3 AA that are not included.

Zeust LED BBQ Light

The Grill Lantern built by Zeust is a beautifully designed light and built out of heat-resistant ABS plastic.

Designed to fit most grills this grill light features 10 LED lights and batteries are included. Battery life for this light is generally about 12 hours.

180 degrees of head swivel allows full illumination of any part of your grill.

The mounting clamp is lined with rubber and will not scratch the surface you attach the light to.

Grill Light Buying GuideHow to find the best grill light for you

When considering a grill light, you should consider the following options to make sure you find the perfect grill light for your needs.

Compatibility – It is important to check if the grill light you are considering fits the grill you plan to use the light on. Some models like the above reviewed Weber light are designed to fit Weber only grills. Yes they may sometimes fit on other grills, but it is best to make sure your light is compatible with your grill.

Price – A grill light can generally be bought for under $30. However if you know that you will be using this light regularly it is worth spending more to get a high quality light. Some products a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better product, but for a grill light it does.

Durability – Grill lights are designed to stand up to the elements. They are generally left outside on a grill to deal with wind, and rain, and snow. You should make sure that the light you buy is weather-proof or a durable case that is designed to handle rough conditions.

Brightness – When buying a light it is important that it well, lights – Make sure you find a grill light with bright LED’s. Many lights have multiple LED’s and are designed to last for a long period of time.

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