Best Pump Sprayer – Top 4 Sprayers Reviewed

A container filled with a good mixture of food, weed or insect repellant, a pump sprayer can be attached to your traditional garden hose and allows you to hand pump the solution on your garden.

It conveniently allows you to be more precise if different parts of your garden need attention in a variety of ways. Pump sprayers can also be used by painters and exterminators. Smaller hand-held pumps are perfect for taking care of indoor plants.

Some beefy sprayers have brass wands that are corrosion resistant. Large reservoirs that contain plenty of liquid are best for treating large patches of weeds. Let’s look at a few different products and their features.

Pump Spray Options
We’ve identified four options that we think you may like and have summarized each one for you below.

Chapin 20002 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer Review

The Chapin Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer sports a two-gallon tank. It also:

• Has a translucent container with a funnel top that makes for easier filling and cleaning
• Has an anti-clog feature, a 12-inch wand and a reinforced 28-inch hose (this is exclusive to Chapin)
• Offers ergonomic handles that make pumping and transporting easy on your hands
• An adjustable nozzle to control the spray stream
• Is compatible with the most popular pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers
• Measures 18.25 x 8.1 x 8.1 inches
• Offers a phone number for customer support
• Weighs about two pounds
• It does not come with a strap for easy carrying, but the handle seems to be adequate

Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer Review

The DB Smith Contractor Gallon Sprayer can be used for gardens and lawns, and it can also be utilized for commercial cleaning, sanitizing and harsh chemical applications
• It has a commercial grade shut off, comfy grip, lock on feature and an inline filter
• Easy to clean
• Viton gaskets and seals, which are known for having the maximum chemical resistance and are easy to change in the field without tools
• 21-inch wand
• The pressure valve helps keep you safe from the chemicals
• Offers an easy carrying shoulder strap
• Varying nozzle settings
o Poly adjustable
o Brass adjustable
o Two flat fans (high and low volume)
o Foaming nozzle
• Measures 8.8 x 9.4 x 20.9 inches
• Weighs in at about five pounds

Rainmaker Pump Sprayer 1-Gallon Review

The Rainmaker One Gallon Pump Sprayer, as the name explains is a smaller tank than the first two products we’ve reviewed. You will want to consider the carrying weight of a two versus one-gallon sprayer. Two-gallon tanks filled with liquid can be a little cumbersome for some users.
• Like the Chapin model, the Rainmaker has a funnel top opening
• Convenient lock-on feature that allows for continuous spraying
• Translucent container is both durable and allows you to check fluid levels
• Comes with both a shoulder strap and a handy grip handle so you can use whichever is most comfortable for you
• Has a built-in pressure release valve and comes with a four-foot hose
• Measures 23 x 15 x 23 inches
• Weighs in at about two and one-half pounds

Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer Review

Another DB Smith model, Field King Professional No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer
• An internal pressure chamber prevents chemicals from leaking onto your back
• Four-gallon tank
• 21-inch wand with Viton seals (remember they provide maximum chemical resistance and are easy to change in the field without tools)
• Easy access pump, with quickly changeable seals
• Offers the same varying nozzle settings as the other DB Smith product we reviewed above
o Brass adjustable
o Two flat fans (high and low volume)
o Foaming nozzle
o Compatible with TeeJet nozzles
• Lockable shutoffs with brass fixtures and an inline filter
• Filtration basket keeps large debris out of the tank while filling
• Measures 9.5 x 22.5 x 15 inches
• This hefty boy weighs in at almost 13 pounds and is more of a professional model
• Capable of spraying up to 150 PSI – perfect for those hard-to-reach areas
• Pressure regulator maintains a low, continuous 25 PSI
• With all kinds of helpful portability options, included are adjustable padded straps, waist belt, and chest cinch strap for the backpack to ensure comfort while you work

You’ve read how each sprayer offers similar features with some minor differences to meet your specific needs. The professional models tend to be a bit longer lasting. A pump sprayer is perfect for taking care of delicate plants and versatile enough to tackle the toughest weeds. Let’s get those lawns and gardens pristine for outdoor summer fun!

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