Best Lumbar Support For Car – Top 4 Supports Reviewed

The rush hour can be a nightmare. However, if you have back pain, the drive home is not just a nightmare, it becomes unbearable and dangerous for other people on the road. A car seat lumbar support works by filling the gap between the seat and your lower back.

It helps give your spine a much needed natural curve. By offering you this support, your back is less fatigued and you will not experience back pain and headaches associated with driving for long hours.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion Review

100% memory foam

You will love the fact that this lumbar support is made from the same material used to make memory mattresses. Therefore it takes up the shape of the user and offers the support needed. It is great because it is soft and tender and does not feel like a piece of wood pressing on your back.


It is designed to have an ergonomic design that is appropriate for your spine. It comes in a universal curve structure making it perfect for anyone, man or woman.

Adjustable straps:

The pillow comes with two straps that keep the pillow firm during use. You can, therefore, adjust them to suit your needs.


– Soft and durable

– Lifetime replacement guarantee

– Breathable

– Easy to clean

– Hypoallergic material

OKWU Comfort Lumbar Support Review

Adjustable straps:

This lumbar pillow comes with durable and adjustable straps. If you are co- driving with your partner, you can easily make the pillow how you want it to be without worrying that the straps will become worn and eventually loose functionality.


It comes in a great size. You can, therefore, use it both at home and in your car. With small adjustments, it can help keep your back straight and prevent fatigue and backache.

Aesthetically pleasing:

If you are worried that the pillow you buy may end up making your car look weird, you should not. This comes in a beautiful black color that will blend perfectly with your car’s interior.


– Soft

– Easily adjustable

– Made of high-quality material


– Sticks out too far and makes drivers go too close to the steering wheel.

VIKTOR JURGEN Adjustable Vibration Massage Lumbar Pillow Review


This is the perfect pillow for drivers who are in their cars for hours. It is made from highly breathable materials. This means that you stay cool and comfortable throughout your journey. It also offers you great massage during your trips.


In these tough economic times, you need a manufacturer that offers you quality and at an affordable price. This is the pillow you need if you are looking for comfort and functionality at a low price.


– Affordable

– Comfortable

– Durable

– Breathable

– Portable

– Perfect even for sleeping on


– You may have to adjust the wiring frequently

Ziraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion Review

Perfect support

This offers great support because it takes up the shape of your back and is firm where it needs to be. If you are in a wheelchair, this is perfect for you because it offers excellent support and is easily portable.

Return guarantee

The company trusts their products so much they are willing to return your money if you buy the product and do not end up falling in love with it.


– Helps correct your posture

– Firm and soft

– Easy to carry around


– Smaller than expected

Things to consider when buying lumbar car support pillow:

Ease of use:

It is essential to ensure that the support you buy is easy to use. It also needs to allow you to drive comfortably.


You need to ensure that the pillow is meant for the type of seats in your car. If you do not buy the right pillow it will either be too big or too small for your car.


It is essential that you look at the shape of the pillow. It needs to fit into your lower back easily.


You need to check the features you want for your pillow. However, features such as massage functions will obviously cost you more. If you are seeking a luxurious option, then this is definitely the one for you.

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