Best Heavy Duty 3 Hole Punch – Top 4 Punches Reviewed

No matter what type of office work you do you will need to use some essential office tools. One of those tools would be a 3-hole punch. If you are going to be punching a bunch of papers at once, a light-duty 3-hole punch will not do the job.

There are many 3-hole punches on the market for a wide array of office uses. From ergonomically designed handles to various punch settings, there is a heavy-duty 3-hole punch out there for you to do your job correctly.

Below we review the four best hole punch options available today on the market.

Rapesco Heavy Duty 3 Hole Punch Review

The Rapesco Heavy-Duty 3-Hole Punch is a great punch for doing large quantities of paper. It can handle up to 100 sheets of 20-pound paper which is a large capacity and can get a large job done quickly.

You may be thinking that with going through 100 sheets of paper it will be hard to push down, well Rapesco state that you will use 40% less effort going through 100 sheets of paper with their heavy-duty 3-hole punch than other manufacturers.

Rapesco believes in their 3-hole punch so much they even guarantee it for 15 years under normal use. This is a long time guarantee and you know that you will get your money’s worth out of this product.

It has the standard US 3-hole punch size preset and includes confetti storage so there is no mess while punching the holes.

For an added benefit, the P3100 also gives you the option to purchase replacement cutters and boards when yours start to go dull. They are easy to replace too! This makes it perfect for large, repetitive punching tasks.

Carl, XHC-150N, Heavy Duty 3-Hole Paper Punch Review

The Carl XHC-150N has a little larger punch capacity than the Rapesco P3100 with a maximum 150 sheet punch capacity.

Preset to make a standard US 3-hole punch, it will punch 9/32” diameter holes for any standard 3-ring binders. It includes a built-in paper guide so that you can punch rapidly and get your job done quickly and properly.

Coming with a limited lifetime warranty, the Carl XHC-150N 3-hole punch has a good warranty that excludes the punch heads and disks.

Featuring a hollow punch head, this technology will allow for less force while punching papers and will be easier on your hand.

Like most heavy-duty 3-hole punches, the Carl XHC-150N features large and easy to empty punch waste trays.

Bostitch Antimicrobial Xtreme Duty Adjustable 2-3 Hole Punch Review

Of the 3-hole heavy duty punches we are reviewing, one of the cool features of the Bostitch Antimicrobial is that you can use this for 2-hole or 3-hole punch jobs. The previous two punches are set for 3-hole punches only.

When punching, the holes are punched to a normal 9/32” diameter with an easy to remove chip tray.

The Bostitch Antimicrobial hole puncher can handle up to 160 sheets of 20-pound paper. This is the highest of the three 3-hole punches we have reviewed so far. Like the others, this does include a hollow punch mechanism to make punching effortless.

An advantage that the Bostitch Antimicrobial Adjustable hole punch has is that it is antimicrobial. This is to prevent bacteria growth on the surface of the hole puncher. This would be perfect for any doctor’s office or medical building.

Made of a heavy-duty steel construction, the Bostitch Antimicrobial 2-3 hole punch is warrantied for 7 years.

Swingline Hole Punch, Heavy Duty Hole Puncher Review

While not as powerful as the previous hole punches on the quantity of paper, it is able to punch through 40 sheets of 20-pound paper and even A4 paper. This is a cheaper option for those on a budget or with no need to punch as many sheets of paper.

The Swingline Hole Punch comes with three punch heads but it can accommodate up to 4 punch heads whereas the others we have reviewed are a max of three. You can purchase additional punch heads separately.

With its T-shaped handle, the long T-handle produces an increase in leverage and makes punching easier and effortless.

The Swingline’s patented punch heads make precise 9/32” holes with its patented pin technology. It also offers a built-in high-capacity tray to collect all the punches with an easy to remove the tray for easy emptying and cleanup. Another great thing about the punch heads is that they are semi-adjustable to make this a perfect multi-size hole puncher for any job.

Made from a durable metal, you won’t have to worry about breaking under normal use. Quality craftsmanship offers a limited lifetime warranty with the Swingline Hole Punch as well.

Heavy Duty 3 Hole Punch Buying Guide – How to find the best heavy duty 3 hole punch for your needs!

Quality: You want to make sure that you are purchasing a quality product that will be able to stand up to the daily use of high-stress punching. Some punches may be made of light-duty steel and may bend or break after a few weeks or months making you purchase another product to get the job done and creating delays in your work.

Warranty: There is a wide array of warranties available for heavy-duty 3-hole punches. From limited lifetime warranties to 7 years and even 15 year warranties, picking out a 3-hole punch with a quality warranty will allow you to feel secure if it ever breaks under normal use.

Punch Count: What are you going to be using your 3-hole punch for? Will it be for the same size punching for standard US size punches or will it be for multiple binder sizes? If it is for the more than one size of punches, pay close attention to see if they offer two, three or even four hole punching capabilities.

Punch Capability: Depending on where you work or the punching you will be doing you will need to make sure that your 3-hole puncher is able to hold up to the amount of paper you will be working with. If you need to punch 100 sheets, it is necessary to purchase at least a 100 sheet punch. An even larger punch will be better just in case you do need to punch larger quantities of paper in the future.

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