You need the best car ashtray if you have a car.

Let’s face it. If you’re a smoker, times are tough. Regardless of your best intentions trying to avoid offending others with your habit, you’re likely to face social ostracism. With many cities now passing ordinances against public smoking – not just in front of facilities, but even on public sidewalks – you’re likely to feel like an absolute outcast.

And you’re not about to start lighting up in the middle of your home or apartment. So where are you left to go when you want to enjoy that guilty pleasure?

Your car. For many of us, it’s a home away from home. And no one knows homesickness quite like a smoker.

But – surprise, surprise – most vehicles simply won’t accommodate the average smoker. Gone are the days of flip-top ashtrays on the inside of every car door. Toss that butt out the window, and you’ll likely to get a glare from the car in the next lane that can cut through ice quicker than a jackhammer.

Portable car ashtrays are an ideal solution to your dilemma. Since they easily fit most cup holders, you no longer have to worry about casually littering or earning the sneers of disgust from fellow drivers. Below, you’ll find our reviews of four of the top brands currently available as well as what to look for when purchasing.

TAKAVU RR-2-3-1 Car Ashtray Review

A cool little futuristic number that is discreet in addition to being eye-catching.

A blue LED lights upon flipping the stainless steel lid, giving an entirely space-age feel to an otherwise disposable accessory.

So much for those chintzy old aluminum ashtrays of your youth! Best of all, there’s a removable car lighter attached to the top if (like most of us) you forget to pack your own along for the ride.

The non-flammable inner material is easy to clean, with easily accessible ash grills. An excellent choice as a gift for friends and family members.

Newness Car Ashtray

Despite the name of the manufacturer, there’s nothing particularly “new” about this ashtray.

In fact, it has a classic, retro look and feel to it. Therein lies its charm. Made of polished stainless steel, this is a lightweight and elegant model that looks more like a small 1950s coffee pot than an ashtray.

An inner holder molded onto the lid makes keeping both hands on the wheel convenient, and the design is minimal enough not to be recognized by kids or disapproving passengers.

Bell Automotive 22-1-39264-8 Blue Aluminum Automotive Ash Tray Review

For those of you who need to be as non-obtrusive as possible, this model resembles nothing more than a small-sized, chrome-accented aluminum travel mug.

Sporty yet not flashy, this is an easy to clean portable model weighing a little more than 4 ozs.

Dishwasher safe, the grill also contains a holder for convenience.

Big Ant Ash-black Car Cigarette Ashtray Review

Similar to the TAKAVU model listed above, this ashtray also comes with an illuminated lid with one difference… the design. The compact, raised diamond shape of the exterior is eye catching, but may undoubtedly raise some eyebrows.

Still, at both the price as well as the additional wind buckles (to ensure no unsightly or embarrassing spillage), that’s a minor complaint in comparison.

Buying Guide for Car Ashtrays – How to find the best car ashtray for your needs!

Size and Accessibility

Luckily, most car ashtrays come in a standard size that fits most cup holders. By default, they’re also portable for easy cleaning. Yet, we’ve also seen some giant models that resemble a cross between a spittoon and your father’s ceramic nightmares from the 70s.

Look into the dimensions of your brand, and make sure you keep it in a safe accessible place.

Accidentally burning a hole in your upholstery while trying to maneuver your steering with your teeth will kill you quicker than any Surgeon General’s warning.

Power Source

There are quite a few models that come equipped with illuminated lids (we listed two above,) built-in lighters and smoke fans.

These can be either battery operated or charged through an adapter. If this is too inconvenient for you, opt for the no-frills models.

A Smokeless Smoke?

Despite the popularity of e-cigarettes as an alternative, most of us prefer our old-fashioned routines. There are models (and some of them quite affordable) that can reduce or even eliminate both smoke and odor through a motorized filter.

The downside is that there’s significantly less room for used butts, so if you’re planning a cross-country trip you may find yourself pulling over once every thirty miles just to empty it.

We all have heard the warning signs, and we all know smoking’s a guilty pleasure. But there’s no need to litter or go without your fix next time you’re trying to get from point A to point B. You can still be the King or Queen of the Road and… Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Final words

I would rather say congratulations on stopping smoking. But I really want you to think of this.

What is the purpose of buying the best car ashtray. I would prefer if you quit smoking altogether. Your health is what matters to me and I know that you won’t be healthy if you smoke. So buy the best ashtray as a reminder of your past life and move on to the new one with no more smoking ever.