Let’s be honest, when we are out in the woods working or enjoying the natural sights, we don’t usually think about encountering a snake.

Although the chances are low, you may come upon one and it is best to be prepared with snake-proof chaps.

They prevent snakes from penetrating into your legs and getting a poisonous and painful bite.

We have found some of the best snake proof chaps out there to help you make a decision on what you can wear to prevent a dangerous bite.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Total Protection Snake Chaps Review

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor is a comfortable snake chap that offers great protection while you are working, hunting, treasure hunting, hiking or landscaping. They are very flexible and breathable to reduce sweating.

They also have a specially patented high-strength fabric that will ensure your protection while you are outdoors where snakes may be.

Whether in the woods or desert, TurtleSkin Snake Armor Snake Chaps will give you the total protection you need.

Another great thing about the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor chaps is that they are waterproof and windproof which means they will keep you dry and warm on those chilly windy days.

Being made in the USA, you know you are getting a good quality product.

They are 100% woven textiles using polyester and ballistic high-strength fibers making a super tight weave.

All you have to do is look at the size chart and determine the best size and fit for you before ordering.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor snake chaps also come with a 1-year warranty against workmanship defects.

Rattler Snake Proof Chaps Review

Rattler Snake Proof Chaps are another option when looking to purchase snake proof chaps.

These are made of 1000 Denier Textured Nylon product which is a rugged, durable and puncture-proof fabric.

Made with a water-resistant polyurethane coating, you can be sure that you will stay dry if you encounter any wet areas while you are out.

Unlike the TurtleSkin Snake Armor, we do not see these being windproof as well.

They do feature extra ankle to knee protection and even feature adjustable straps to fit most sizes.

Rattler Snake Proof Chaps are available in multiple sizes so there is a size for everyone to be protected while outdoors.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters Review

If you are not a fan of full snake chaps than the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters are for you!

They are much shorter and only cover from the ankle to the knee.

These are perfect for exploring the desert or the woods and are reversible with a khaki/camouflage design.

You can bend them and pack them in any backpack and with a lightweight of 6 ounces; you won’t even notice you are carrying them.

Most snake gaiters are not bendable but TurtleSkin Snake Armor has a special snake-proof material that can be bent.

If you are wondering the size of the Snake Gaiters, the regular size measures 20 inches to the top of the calf, 17 inches in the ankle and 16 inches in length.

TurtleSkin Snake Armor Snake Gaiters are made in the USA so you know you will have a quality product that will protect you from a dangerous snake bite.

Snake Protector Forester Chaps Review

The Snake Protector Forester Chaps are a durable snake protector that will prevent you from being bitten from a snake while out in the woods.

Made in USA and hand-sewn, the Snake Protector Forester Chaps will offer great protection from snake bites.

Snake Protector makes a quality product that is built to last for years.

Being waterproof and briar-proof gives you good protection while walking through the woods.

Snake Protector Forester Chaps are also 1000 Denier Nylon which is able to withstand heavy brush and snake bites.

Snake Protector Forester Chaps include snap fasteners to attach to a belt and a heavy-duty zipper to make it easy to put the chaps on and off.

A warranty is included for defects against workmanship so you know you have a good quality product protecting you. If you have any issues you can get a replacement set with no hassle.

Best Snake Proof Chaps – How to find the best snake proof chaps for your needs!

Quality: Look for a good quality snake bite proof chap that will protect you from any type of snake you may encounter.

The best are ones with a warranty and made in the USA. Also, check to see what materials they are woven with.

Size: Make sure you see a size and fit guide. You don’t want to buy a pair that is uncomfortable that you will probably remove them and be exposed to a snake bite.

There are many sizes available and even for husky people. Another option is either a full-size chap or just knee-length gaiters.

Waterproof: If you are going to be working in the woods, there is a good bet you will be walking around wet brush or going through water.

You will want to make sure you stay dry so buying a pair of snake proof chaps will be important. You may find some chaps that are even windproof which is better for you on those cold windy days.

Price: We understand some people will be on a limited budget so comparing prices with quality and size is important.

Buying the most expensive all the time is not always the best quality so be sure to shop and compare before buying the most expensive.

Ease of Use: How easy can the best snake proof chaps get put on, and taken off? Are they zippers, or snaps?

What do you think will work best for you? These are all questions you should ask yourself so if you have to dress and undress often; you should get something that is easy on and easy off.

Warranty: We mentioned this slightly above but it is important to pick a pair of chaps with a warranty that way if something tears or gets damaged from lack of quality workmanship, they can replace them with no hassle. Some of the warranties last up to 1 year.